Parking Spot Peyton Place

Check out the frothing masses in this Dallas News College Sports Blog post:


Is Mike Leach still mad that Gerald Myers gave his parking spot to Bob Knight?

1:55 PM Wed, Feb 11, 2009 |  |  Yahoo! Buzz
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My post:


Posted by Rico Plano @ 10:17 PM Wed, Feb 11, 2009

I hope this story is incorrect, but let's get the facts before we go berserk, people.

When I was on The Big Red Spread 200 years ago (OK, I'm Class of '76), the Athletic Dept. offices were at The Jones. I made deliveries there regularly as a student assistant.

If the offices remain there, might Knight have had a parking place at the stadium? He might've had a parking place that he used when he went to visit his boy Gerald.

I'm just sayin'.

Where are Gerald's offices now? Inquiring minds wanna know.

I'll tell you when it's time to fly off the handle.

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