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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - Protect My Players Edition

Pat Knight Ejected, Red Raiders Lose

Last night we were having friends over for drinks and to play cards. I know, pretty exciting. One of the caveats with my wife was that I could record the game, but because I tend to zone out whenever Texas Tech is playing (i.e. ignore everyone), there would be no watching of last night's game until today.

It appears that I've missed quite a bit.

ayleein, KAMC and ESPN all have videos and this video from SportsCenter highlights the play in question.


All videos show the foul that wasn't and the the subsequent ejection.

Since I haven't seen the game itself, I'm going to reserve judgment until I see the game in its entirety, but the call itself looks to be an awful call and I would guess that last night's tirade is a culmination of this team's struggles and officiating incompetency.

Oh yeah, the Red Raiders lost to Nebraska 69-82 (boxscore) and LAJ's Jeff Walker and the AP's Betsy Blaney file their game stories from last night, and here's Pat Knight on why he ran out on the court:

"Don’t read too much into it," Knight said following Tech’s 82-69 loss to Nebraska. "My job is to protect my players. If you all didn’t see what happened, then that’s your fault that you didn’t see what happened. My job is to protect my players and you can only sit there and take so much, so I’ve got to protect my boys. That’s my job."


"I’m not going to get into the officiating," he said. "It’s pretty obvious what I did and what my feelings are. I left them out there on the court, so it’s pretty obvious."

Again, I'll have more in the report card, which should come later today.