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DTN's Basketball Game Preview :: Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. TCU Horned Frogs

OPPONENT: TCU Horned Frogs (5-3, 0-0)
LOCATION: Daniel-Meyer Coliseum : Ft. Worth, Texas
DATE: December 8, 2009
TIME: 6:00 p.m. CST
TV: The Mountain
RADIO: Affiliates
GAME CAST: Fox Sports

Game Day Stat:

TCU: The Horned Frogs aren't really great at anything, but they're not bad at anything either. Average offensively (108th adjusted offensive efficiency) and average defensively (157th adjusted defensive efficiency). The one number that does stick out is that TCU has already shot 195 3-point shots for the year (that's an average of 24.375 per game) which seems unbelievable and I keep thinking that this isn't right, but I'm pretty sure that it is. If the threes are falling, then I think the Horned Frogs have a good chance.

Texas Tech: As good as the defense continues to be (despite giving up 92 points against Washington), which is 22nd in the nation in adjusted defensive efficiency, the offense is slowly but surely coming around. Adjusted offensive efficiency is sitting at 67th in the nation, and that figure is slowly but surely climbing as the season progresses. I'm perfectly fine for the offense to be behind the defense at this point.

Player Focus:

TCU: PG Ronnie Moss is almost a one man show, as the sophomore is scoring 18 points and dishing out over 7 assists a game. The main beneficiary of Moss' play is senior SG Edvinas Ruzgas, who's scoring 15 points a game. As a side note, both Moss and Ruzgas are shooting over 44% behind the 3-point line and Moss has thrown up 52 3-point shots, while Ruzgas has shot 47. Most likely, you'll probably see the Texas Tech defense focus on the perimeter of these two players

Texas Tech: SF Brad Reese shot Texas Tech to a 9 point lead against Washington on Thursday night, in part because he made 3 of 5 3-point shots. Reese has run a little hot and cold with his 3 point shots. For the season, Reese is only hitting 33.3% of his 3-point shots and despite the fact that he was tremendous on Thursday, I'd say that Reese cannot fall in love with the 3-point shot, but rather he must continue to work mis-matches on his mid-range game.

Needs Repair:

TCU: Defensively, the Horned Frogs struggle quite a bit. TCU is allowing 1.02 points per possession (that's not good) and opponents are shooting an eFG% of 49.2% against the Frogs, which is okay, but when a team allows so many points per possessions and allows an offensive rebound percentage of 37%, then this team is going to struggle to win games. Key for the Red Raiders will be to hit the boards.

Texas Tech: Just to remind everyone how tough it is to win on the road, Texas Tech beat the #10 team in the country on Thursday night at home, but found a way to allow the number 210th ranked Stephen F. Austin team to play them within a bucket. It's different on the road, and if this team doesn't constantly remind themselves of that fact, then I will. This team better be ready to play a close, tight game on Tuesday.