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Monday's Five Questions

We missed a week (last week) for Monday's Five Questions, but get cranked back up this week.  As always, five questions about the football and basketball teams, and this week, we've gone a bit national.

1.  This is a two-part question (i.e. trying to squeeze two questions into one).  1) Texas or Alabama?  2) After watching the Big 12 championship, who is the MVP of the Big 12 (no offensive or defensive, but overall)?

2.  Who deserves to win the Heisman?  This isn't who you think will win, but who you believe deserves to win.

3.  Valero Alamo Bowl . . . are you excited about the game, excited that you get to talk football for another month, or excited that this team gets another month of practice?

4.  If you're one of the Texas Tech fans that does not follow basketball, I'm just curious as to why (this is a selfish question and more curious than anything else)?

5.  If you have been following the basketball team for the past few seasons, is the athleticism the one thing that jump out at you as the biggest difference between the Bob Knight vs. Pat Knight teams or is it something else?