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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 12.06.09

Bowl Selection: This should happen at 6:00 p.m. tonight and all indications, after last night's Big 12 Championship game, is that the Red Raiders will head to the Alamo Bowl (to play Michigan St.), with an outside chance at the Sun Bowl (to play Arizona).  I'll throw up a quick post later today for any discussion about where Texas Tech ends up and their opponent, although I probably won't be around.

All Growns Up:  LAJ's Don Williams writes that freshmen defensive backs had to grow up quickly for Texas Tech and CB D.J. Johnson felt like he exceeded his own expectations:

"I expected some big things out of myself, but not the way I performed this year,’’ Johnson said Saturday. "I think the coaches had a lot of high expectations for me, and that helped me as well. But as far as my expectations, I exceeded them abundantly. I went above and beyond. It was a great season.’’

S Will Ford expects his nickel/dime role to stay the same next year:

"My role will probably stay at the nickel next year,’’ the Abilene Cooper ex said. "Maybe when one of the seniors leave, like Franklin (after the 2010 season), I’ll probably end up replacing him at the deep safety. I can’t wait for that opportunity to play back there.’’

Also interesting about Johnson is that his high school, St. Stephen's in Austin, is a boarding school and essentially like a college atmosphere:

"It was basically just like being in college,’’ he said. "You had to learn to fend for yourself and everything. It helped greatly with time management and learning how to get projects done and the time management that you need in college.’’

No Waddle Regret:  LAJ's Don Williams talks with OL coach Matt Moore about taking the redshirt off of true freshman RT LaAdrian Waddle, and Moore felt it was the right move:

"It was a decision we made as a staff and felt like it was the best thing to do and went with it," Moore said. "The whole (season), he was a guy that I had to practice because he was one injury away from playing every snap. So no, I don’t look back on it. He’s going to be a great player. He’s got three more years. That’s not a problem."

Someone Really Stole the Ball:  LAJ's Courtney Linehan writes that someone stole the ball after Thursday night's win against Washington, although trainer Kevin Pierson was on the case:

"I had the ball in my hands, and as I go to tuck it underneath my arm, some guy comes up behind me and punches it from my arm and just takes off down the sideline with it," Pierson said. "I just got stunned for a second, then I was like, ‘I’ve got to go get the ball.’

"So I take off running after this guy, and I’m trying to weave my way in and out of all the students rushing the court, and here this guy is running out of the arena with the ball."

Pierson’s pursuit even made it onto national television. ESPN2 covered the game, and in one overhead shot of the crowded court, two distinct figures are visible bisecting the celebration, one sprinting toward the exit and the other clearly in chase.

Pierson was also the subject of a small prank by the coaching staff, which I was sorta funny.