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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 12.05.09

Roberson Wants to Win:  LAJ's Courtney Linehane writes about what was discussed yesterday, the fact that PG John Roberson asked head coach Pat Knight to change from a 2-3 zone to man-to-man defense, which led to Roberson's steal of the in-bounds pass.  PK had this to say about Roberson:

"John wants to prove he’s on the same level of guards like that," Knight said. "I really didn’t worry about him being prepared, I just worried about him pressing a little bit, trying too hard. You’ve got to consider him one of the better guards in the country."

And Washington head coach, Lorenzo Romar (very impressed with Romar) agrees:

"John Roberson played about as good a game as you can play as a point guard," Romar said. "He ran his team. He took his opportunities when they were there, and he created for his teammates. He was an outstanding lead guard."

Changed Team:  ESPN's Andy Katz agrees that this 2009-10 incarnation of the Red Raiders is different than Bob Knight's teams:

Taking a cue from his pop, Knight didn't mince words about his earlier teams. He said emphatically that the players he had on the roster previously weren't good enough to win in the Big 12. They didn't defend well because they couldn't; they didn't run an efficient offense because the players weren't talented enough to do it.

I'll admit, at the time I thought it sounded like a cop out. Knight was feeling the heat in Lubbock and I thought maybe he was reaching for excuses.

I was wrong.

He was right.

Armed with good players -- his players -- and able to run the kind of game he wants to run, Knight has Texas Tech headed in the right direction.

Edwards' Light Turned On:  LAJ's Don Williams profiles LG Lonnie Edwards, who writes that the light just turned on this year and OL coach Matt Moore had this to say about Edwards:

"He’s always had the physical ability to play," Moore said after the Red Raiders returned to practice Friday. "He’s a big, strong guy that can run. I feel like the light just turned on about midway through camp. He started seeing the big picture, started understanding the offense, understanding the technique and, really, since then he’s just been getting better and better."

Edwards also talks about how he actually weighs 335 rather than the summer weight of 290 and credits former Red Raiders Louis Vasquez and Rylan Reed:

"It’s kind of expensive, but you’ve got to keep eating," Edwards said. "I lift probably more (frequently) in the season than I should, but that’s what keeps me maintained. Whenever some guys are at home, I’ll be up here (in the weight room) busting my tail. Coach (Mike) Leach kind of gets on me a little bit, but that’s my deal."


"He brought me in and showed me a bunch of things," Edwards said. "It gets addicting to some people. I feel like my strength is a big deal. That’s helped me out a lot."