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Monday's Five Questions

1.  The football recruiting has picked up significantly over the past week or so (giddiness can be found here and here) over the past two years, the staff has made a true effort to recruit a team (see the 2010 class in the previous McRoy Bros. link and the 2009 class) rather than simply recruit for need in a given year.  Do you prefer one method over another (i.e. recruiting balance vs. recruiting for need)?

2.  This past week, the defensive staff announced that Daniel Cobb, a safety out of high school, will be moving to weakside linebacker and I proclaimed it to be the beginning of the Texas Tech defensive revolution.  What's your general impressions of this move?

3.  DTN will start previewing the Michigan St. vs. Texas Tech game starting tomorrow, but wanted to know everyone's thoughts about your fear factor going into the Valero Alamo Bowl game.  On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the least worried and 5 being the most worried, how do you feel about the Spartans?

4.  Last week, the men's basketball team beat the TCU Horned Frogs on the road and had to come back from 14 to do it.  Now that the team has 9 games under its belt, what's your general perception of the team now versus your perception of the team before they stepped out on the court?

5.  And your general perception of Pat Knight as a coach, both before the start of the season and now?  Has it changed and has winning the first nine games changed that perception, or do you think you need more time to make a decision?