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Recruiting on the High Seas :: WR Ben McRoy and WR Javares McRoy

If you're not currently excited about this current class, then it's time to start.  Yesterday, Texas Tech received a verbal commitment for the 2010 class from Lakeland, FL WR/RB Ben McRoy and a verbal commitment for the 2011 class from Roy's brother, WR Javares McRoy.  This is a pretty big deal.

The Measurables

Ben McRoy



Ben McRoy
Position: WR/RB
Rivals Profile
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile 76 Grade
Ht: 5'9"
Wt: 165 lbs
Forty: 4.48
High School: Lakeland (Lakeland, FL)


Javares McRoy



Javares McRoy
Position: WR
Rivals Profile
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile Top 150 List
Ht: 5'9"
Wt: 165 lbs
Forty: 4.40
High School: Lakeland (Lakeland, FL)


Video and more information after the jump.

The Players Speak

LAJ's Don Williams spoke mainly with Ben regarding his commitment and here's Ben on why he chose Texas Tech:

"I know I’ll get a lot of chances to play there,’’ Ben McRoy said. "I like the offense. I like how they throw the ball. I’m becoming a better wide receiver, and they’re recruiting me at wide receiver, so that’s good news for me. They had my interest, so I committed. Plus, they don’t want me just to get my brother. They like me for who I am.’’

I think the latter portion of this quote speaks to the staff and how they might be recruiting the McRoy brothers, essentially telling Ben that they think he's talented enough (and from watching the video below, I'd have to agree) to have a scholarship on his own merit, irregardless of whether Javares commits.  I would imagine that there were schools out there telling them that if they didn't commit together then there was no deal.  It sounds as if Texas Tech played this a bit differently.

And after watching some of the McRoy Brother highlights, this is positively true:

"We’ve always been the fastest wherever we went,’’ he said. "When we get the ball, we can run real well. All the coaches can tell that from looking. We’re both explosive.’’

The Scouting Report

Be forewarned, if you don't like music then turn down your speakers, but you need to watch these videos.  After watching all of these videos (and there are plenty more out there, feel free to search), I'm struggling to figure out why Ben has not received more offers.  He's playing running back at 165, but it's obvious that he's elusive and he's got a great stutter-step move that helps him avoid tacklers in addition to having blazing speed.  I have no idea why he hasn't been rated, and if he has been rated and he's still only a 1-star player, then we need more 1-star players like Ben McRoy.  As far as Javares is concerned, he's a pure receiver and if he can get around a corner, he's gone.  There were also instances in the video where he was running past the covering cornerback by 10 yards.  There's a reason why Javares is being recruited by the likes of California, Tennessee, Florida St., North Carolina and Florida and it's because he has tremendous speed.

As far as the video is concerned, Ben is #21 and Javares is #9. Enjoy

Ben McRoy


Ben and Javares McRoy

The 2010 Recruiting Class

Position Commitment
QB Scotty Young (6-3/185)
RB Aaron Spikes (5-10/185)
Delans Griffin (5-10/180)
WR Shawn Corker (6-1/189)
Kadron Boone (6-1/197)
Ben McRoy (5-9/165)
OL Beau Carpenter (6-7/260)
James Polk (6-7/290)
Denton Simek (6-4/260)
Javius Townsend (6-2/300)
Eric Lawson (6-6/320)
DL Kedrick Dial (6-5/215)
Jackson Richards (6-4/240)
Coby Coleman (6-3/280)
Lawrence Rumph (6-4/270)
Donald Langley (6-2/295)
LB Zac Winbush (6-2/200)
Fred Harvey (5-11/230)
DB Desmond Martin (6-0/173)
Russell Polk (5-11/200)
Brandon Smith (6-1/175)
Urell Johnson (6-0/180)
Tre'Vante Porter (6-1/185)


The 2011 Recruiting Class

Position Commitment
WR Javares McRoy (5-9/165)


Ben and Javares, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!!