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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 12.11.09

Texas Tech Photos:  One of the things that someone asked about was if someone could take photos of the stadium construction and TTURED at Totally Texas Tech already does a great job of this.  If you don't live in Lubbock, then this is a great site.

Another MSU Suspension:  I'm not sure that I can keep up with all of this (hat-tip to A Big 10 Football Blog), but it appears that Michigan St. WR Myles Wright will be suspended for the game.  Here's the offense:

White is charged with minor in possession of alcohol and public urination/disorderly conduct at the Small Planet, an East Lansing nightspot.

Discussing the Game:  Texas Tech head captain Mike Leach and Michigan St. head coach Mark Dantonio were in San Antonio to discuss the game, and Dantonio says that his team will survive the suspensions, per's Howie Beardsley:

"Obviously, when you have something like that happen to your program, it’s not something you want to point to at a press conference for our bowl game," Dantonio said. "But I do think it’s important to understand that we’re handling the situation. We made statements on that last week.

"How does it impact our team? Three starters are among those nine, so it does impact us to some extent. But, to another extent, we also have 19 other starters, and many of our other players.

"We’ll get things in order. Our team will come and compete. We’ve got a lot of good young men, and we will handle ourselves on and off the field here at San Antonio very respectfully."

SAEN's John Whisler writes that Leach had more energy to the solemn Dantonio, although the article only contains one quote from Leach:

When asked about this being a de facto home game, where most of the 60,000 or so fans expected for the game likely will be rooting for Tech, Leach said he doesn't consider it much of an advantage.

"Once you get in there, it's just noise," he said.

Leach's mood and humor Thursday were in sharp contrast to his counterpart, Michigan State's Mark Dantonio, who appeared stonefaced and solemn. With good reason.

But The State News' Chris Vannini writes that Leach is focusing on young players (I'm sure the game plan will be implemented closer to the actual game):

"I think that’s one of the huge advantages with regards to a team and coaching is if you have the opportunity to go to a bowl game, you have the opportunity to work with and develop your young guys on the front end of that bowl process," Leach said. We’ve been in the midst of that. Our biggest emphasis in the last couple weeks has been our young guys, developing them, making them the best players that we can."

Miscellaneous Links:  Phil Steele compiles the numbers for a conference vs. conference comparisons . . .