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DTN Offseason Plans

I wasn't sure if this was deserving of its own post, but I figured why not.  I wanted to open up this to you guys, because DTN is as much yours as it is mine.  In any event, here are the things that I have on my agenda for the offseason.  Please feel free to comment on any one of these topics and if you would be able to help out with items 4 and 5 below:

1.  Michigan St. vs. Texas Tech Previews:  these will start next week.

2.  First Annual DTN Awards:  After bowl game, we'll have the first annual, DTN Awards, which will be an opportunity for you guys to nominate, comment and vote on who you think the season-long MVP's for various positions and any awards that you might suggest.

3.  All-Mike Leach Team:  This project will probably start after the DTN Awards, and we'll take nominations, comments and then vote on each position.  And as a heads-up, we'll be doing quarterback last.

4.  T-shirt Project:  I've promised and discussed this for some time, but it's going to happen this offseason.  Some time after the bowl game, but before the Red-Black Spring game, I'll be asking you guys for help with designs and I'll post some alternate logos that I have, but for those who are graphic artists, I'll certainly encourage you guys to post your own designs.  I'll also need help with someone who can print the t-shirts.  This may be something that I'll have to buy a bunch and then send them out each week.  I'm also aware of websites like Spreadshirt or other t-shirt sites, but I hate the idea of charging $20 + shipping for a stinking t-shirt.  I'd like to keep the costs as low as possible, I don't want this to be a money-making opportunity for me, but a community-opportunity.

5.  DTN Meet and Greets:  I've talked about trying to get together this year, but there were some personal reasons why I didn't get to attend as many games as I'd like.  I figure we just need to set a date and stick to it.  I like the idea of a tailgate, and perhaps we can get volunteers, freebies, sponsors, etc.  We need to make this a real event as I'd love to sit down and meet as many of you as possible.  Right now, I'm thinking that we can do two events.  I'd love to meet during the spring game, which is a great event for those of you who have never been, and a football game, probably early in the season.  I'm thinking that we might be able to do a non-conference game in the hopes that I might be able to get a block of tickets so that we can all sit together.  Hopefully the folks at the athletic department will be receptive to this type of event.  If you want to volunteer or have specific questions or comments about sponsorship or volunteering, then email me:  doubletnation AT gmail DOT com.

6.  Anything Else:  Feel free to post your own ideas and thoughts about what you might like to see during the offseason.  I'd also mention that if someone has an idea about a particular subject, perhaps you could start a FanPost series, like starting a community poll to rank the recruits after February signing date, or anything else.  I think the FanPosts have been great recently and we're starting to see the FanPosts that have "words words words words words words" to meet the 75 word minimum slowly disappear.