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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 12.10.09

Students, Donate Tickets:  Hat-tip to DTN reader ayleein, any students can donate their tickets while they are on Christmas Break and these tickets will be given to children in the community.  Students can do this online and if you're a student and you'll be out of town for the break, then there's no excuse.

MSU Players Charged with Assault:  The Only Colors has the latest on the Michigan St. players, who have now been charged:

The players are Roderick Jenrette, Glenn Winston, Fred Smith, B.J. Cunningham, Mark Dell, Jamiihr Williams, Ashton Leggett, J’Michael Deane and Chris L. Rucker.

In all, the only aspect of these charges that was unexpected was the assault charge against Deane.  Hopefully this can be settled quick and we can put this incident in the past.  The announced charges could've been a lot worse -  according to one victim's attourney 15-20 players were present, meaning that 5-10 more charges could've been filed if adequate proof existed.

The Ingham County prosecutor's office did state that they wanted to file charges before finals week, and here they are.  The only one on that list that hasn't been mentioned in the news yet is Deane.  For some reason he wasn't punished along with the other players in the altercation, I'm guessing there's a bowl game suspension in the cards (Edit: Deane suspension confirmed, check update #2 - PR).  The two players who were punished by Dantonio but not charged with assault were Ishmyl Johnson and Brynden Trawick.

I don't envy any fan having to discuss and write about charges and suspensions of your football team. 

Clock Management:  DMN's Kevin Sherrington talks with head captain Mike Leach about clock management, in the wake of Texas QB Colt McCoy not knowing the rules about when the clock stops:

 "It's not an exact science," Mike Leach said by telephone Tuesday. "And it's not easy.

"You've got split seconds to make monumental decisions."

Team Reviews:  ESPN's Tim Griffin has a team review, including offensive and defensive MVP, the turning point of the season, and what's up next.  Griffin did this for every team, which you can find here.