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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 12.01.09

Very Slow:  There's little to no news out there this morning.  Seems the topic of discussion is the bowl scenarios, and feel free to use this thread to discuss bowl implications, but as you guys know, most bowl-talk gives me tired-head with all of the possibilities (although there really only appears to be 3).

Bowl Scenarios:  DT's Alex Ybarra discusses the bowl scenarios and has this to say succinctly:

In Tech’s case, the most likely location for postseason football is at the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio. But depending on the outcome of the Big 12 Championship game between Texas and Nebraska, there remains a slight possibility for Tech to end up in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl in San Diego.


However, if Texas loses to Nebraska in the Big 12 title game Saturday, Tech could end up in California.

By winning the Big 12, the Huskers would jump into the Fiesta Bowl while the Longhorns would reach a BCS bowl by way of an at-large bid.

I'd also add that you should vote for the Red Raiders if you'd like to see Texas Tech in the Alamo Bowl the official site has a page where you can vote as to who you'd like to see play as well as updated projections from the WWL.  Personally speaking, a trip to San Antonio will be much easier than a trip to San Diego.