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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 11.09.09

  Veterans Day:  It's not quite Veterans Day and as you guys and gals know, I try not to send you to links that aren't worth your time, but I thought this was fascinating.  The Denver Post followed a high school graduate through his armed services recruitment, basic training, deployment and return from combat through photographs and an accompanying story.  The photos alone tell a fascinating story.

  SBN Turns 6:  SB Nation turns 6 years old and I think DTN has been around since November of 2006 with 475 visitors for the entire first month.  DTN is about to hit the 1,000,000 visitor mark, maybe some time in December.

  Special Teams Focus:  LAJ's Don Williams features the work the players have put into the special teams and ST coach Eric Russell.  Russell is focused on Oklahoma St.:

"They’re very athletic and they do some different things,’’ Russell said over the weekend, "so I think it’s going to be a heck of a challenge and I’m anxious to see how we physically match up and schematically match up with them. There’s no doubt these next few (games), every week something can change on one of those plays.’’

And Russell thinks that the special teams units had a good week, 2 weeks ago, but that sort of performance must be an every week occurence:

"Like I told the players,’’ Russell said, "it was a good game, but to get all excited about it … You’ve got to understand that’s what expectations need to be. We want this to be an every-week thing where we kind of control and dominate field position.’’

  Oklahoma St. Cowboy Links:  NewsOK looks at the Red Raiders . . . NewsOK's Brandon Chatman writes that the Cowboys have a huge challenge in Texas Tech . . .

  Big 12 Basketball Preview:  Good college basketball blog Rush The Court has an excellent preview of the Big 12.