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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 11.04.09

  Rumors:  I can appreciate a good rumor as much as the next person, but rumors and insinuation will not be tolerated at DTN.  If you don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about, then it's not a worry, but I've already left one profanity laced tirade and let's just say DTN doesn't need this.

  Tier 1, Here We Come:  Proposition 4 passed yesterday:

The passage of Proposition 4 on Tuesday's ballot gave the state the green light to reallocate about $500 million in existing money from a dormant higher education fund to a new one geared to cultivate more Tier One universities across the state. Having Tier One status makes universities more competitive for federal and private research funding and brings in billions of dollars in economic impact.

And Chancellor Kent Hance stated, go read the whole article, that Tier 1 status isn't quite yet a guarantee, but Texas Tech is close.

  Please Continue Reading This:  I suggested that you read The Mid-Majority's Kyle Whelliston blog post on working for ESPN, but if you have the time, I highly suggest reading the next article on how stupid sports coverage has become.

  Back to Basics:  DT's Alex Ybarra writes that the Red Raiders are trying to work on basics during the bye week. DE Brandon Sharpe said that he wanted the team to make highlights into reality during the Kansas game:

"It started from the highlight film, when we see some good hits that we did during the season and stuff," said Sharpe, who had 2.5 sacks in a 42-21 win against Kansas Saturday. "I was saying in my head, ‘I wanted to convert some of those to the game.’ I guess some of the guys heard me thinking. That hit was nice."

CB LaRon Moore says that the team continues to work on fundamentals:

"I believe we just gave back to fundamentals," Moore said. "We gave back with fire, but we went back to the basics, worked on tackling, worked on pad level. We went out there and played with a passion. That’s what we lacked last week. We wanted to win the game, but we didn’t want to play hard during the game."

  Young Showdown:  RP's Mark Sparrow with a look at 2010 QB commit Scotty Young on a big game for him this weekend, as Denton Ryan faces Denton Guyer.  Young was at the TAMU game, along with Beau Carpenter and Jackson Richards, and had this to way:

"I had a good visit. [Fellow commits] Beau Carpenter, Jackson Richards, and I talked a lot. I had a really good time with them and felt like we got along well. Besides the fact that the game didn’t go that well, I felt like it was a really good visit.

"It was neat to see that there are tons of playmakers on offense. Tech spreads the ball a lot and doesn’t really feature one receiver or anything. It just makes me excited to get down there and start working with them."

  Miscellaneous Links:  There is literally no substantive news out there today.  There are a few links worth mentioning.  Good find by TWAHS's Ryan Hyatt, the National Football Post's Jack Betcha on the fallacy of the NCAA enforcing rules according to a former NFL agent . . . Rock M Nation's Bill C. with updated Beyond the Box Score season projections and the computers say that the Red Raiders don't win another game the rest of the year . . . TR's dedfischer with an excellent look back and forward at the Texas Tech defense . . . the official site as some photos and video of Leach in Bristol . . . BCS Evolution with a bit on the new Big 12 bowl games . . . LAJ's Adam Zuvanich has some Big 12 thoughts . . . LAJ's Don Williams talks with the silver fox, Tommy McVay, Texas Tech's director of football operations, about competing in the Senior Olympics (McVay is that handsome fellow always on the sidelines, usually wearing a pair of shades) . . .