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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 11.03.09

  Refresh:  You'll notice that the SB Nation network has a new look.  Consider it a refresh from a visual standpoint.  I think there are still some kinks to work out and if you run across any, you'd be doing myself and the network a favor by sending an email to

  Working for the Man:  I cannot remember where I ran across this story, most likely The Dagger, but this is an incredibly interesting article from Mid-Majority's Kyle Whelliston about his journey writing about mid-major basketball schools independently, then working for ESPN and is eventually let go for budget reasons.  An interesting read for sure and an interesting take on working for the WWL.

  Sheffield Out Longer:  LAJ's Don Williams is reporting that QB Steven Sheffield will be out at least 4 to 6 weeks after ankle surgery 2 weeks ago.  Thus, it appears that Sheffield will be out, at a minimum, 2 more weeks.  Here's a mysterious unnamed source:

A source who initially confirmed Sheffield would be out at least two to three weeks said that time frame "was probably unrealistic.’’

Another said, "The four weeks will probably be pushing it, but hopefully he can get there.’’

Just in case you've been under a rock since the Kansas game, here's a quick recap of the current quarterback situation from the Captain himself:

Leach said Doege is "ahead of schedule,’’ but he wasn’t happy with the pace the offense had with the redshirt freshman running it in the first half. Doege and the offensive line struggled with Kansas’ pass rush, taking five sacks in the first two quarters.

With Potts in for the second half, the Jayhawks had no sacks and Leach said Potts "did a really good job commanding the unit.’’

"The biggest thing is we’re just waiting for that one guy to realize how easy it really is to play quarterback,’’ Leach said, "because you’ve got 10 other people helping you out on any given play. Once that happens and we’re able to go out there with great tempo, then we’re going to be in great shape.’’

If there was ever a time to get behind a couple of players, that time might be right now. 

  Football Notebook:  FWST's Dwain Price has a notebook from yesterday with DC Ruffin McNeill on the bye week and additional notes:

"We haven’t had that break like we normally have in the early part of the season," Ruffin McNeill said. "[Catching up on] academics is first, and this also gives our coaches a chance to get on the road recruiting.

"And the third thing is it gives our guys a chance to step away from [football] a little bit."

  Car Wash Revisited: Although I would have thought that Mike Leach's visit to the ESPN studios would be all over the place and I found 2 videos, the chat transcript and that's about it.  I would have thought the radio segments would be posted as well, but whatever.  I won't point out all of the highlights from the ESPN chat, but I did find it interesting that the offense that Leach enjoys watching the most at this time is the New Orleans Saints.  I should also point out FWST's Dwain Price blog post from yesterday where he has the transcript of most of the video below. 



  Big 12 Links:  Rock M Nation's Bill C. looks at the Big 12 North in 2010 . . . LAJ's Adam Zuvanich with some Big 12 thoughts . . . the Daily Camera's Kyle Ringo with some interesting information on the Big 12 reconsidering some changes to how teams are scheduled:

Under the current scheduling system, Colorado faces Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State this year, completing a two-year cycle of playing those teams home and away. It won`t face those opponents in the regular season again until 2012 because it begins a new two-year home-and-away cycle with Oklahoma, Baylor and Texas Tech next year.

The proposed change would be for teams never to go more than one year without facing each other in the regular season. Colorado would play Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State this year and then play the other three South Division foes next season. In the third year, the Buffs would play Texas, Texas A&M and OSU again but at the opposite site from this season.