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Taking a Breath :: Looking Ahead to the Texas Tech Offense of 2010


With the football bye week, DTN is taking this opportunity to look at Texas Tech's offense and defense in 2010.  Up today is a look at the 2-deep, the talented players who are on the roster, but have not contributed much this year, the 2010 offensive recruiting class and a look back at the past 5 years recruits and the washout rate of players who were recruited by Texas Tech.

Who Returns (2010 Projected 2-Deep)

LT Terry McDaniel 6-7/335 SO
Chris Olson 6-5/296 SR
LG Lonnie Edwards 6-5/290 JR
Chris Olson 6-5/296 SR
C Justin Keown 6-4/302 JR
RG Mickey Okafor 6-7/319 JR
Deveric Gallington 6-4/350 JR
RT LaAdrian Waddle 6-6/350 SO
Joe King 6-6/319 SO
QB Steven Sheffield 6-4/190 SR
Taylor Potts 6-4/218 SR
RB Baron Batch 5-11/205 SR
Harrison Jeffers 5-9/204 SO
HR Tramain Swindall 6-3/180 JR
Adam James 6-3/216 JR
YR Detron Lewis 6-0/205 SR
Austin Zouzalik 6-1/181 SO
XR Lyle Leong 6-1/165 SR
Eric Ward 5-11/202 FR
ZR Alexander Torres 6-2/196 SO
Jacoby Franks 6-1/185 JR


So there's definitely some advantages to having so many injuries in a season. Right now, there's not any one position where there is not a returning starter on offense. Think about that for a minute. Almost the entire 2-deep has at least 1 start. If there was ever a reason to look forward to 2010 it's the offense. Right now, the offensive roster appears to be a well-rounded group, probably because of necessity. This doesn't take into account the various redshirts from the 2009 recruiting class that could step up and help and the other players that have experience, but just don't fit on the 2-deep.

Lots more after the jump.

Don't Sleep On:

OL: Kyle Clark (6-5/277; RS FR); Blake Emert (6-5/287; JR); and Joel Gray (6-6/306; RS FR)
WR: E.J. Celestie (5-11/174; RS FR); Aaron Fisher (6-3/182; RS FR); Derrick Mays (6-0/166; RS FR) and Cornelius Douglas (5-9/193; SO)
RB: Eric Stephens (5-8/182; SO) and Aaron Crawford (5-11/204; JR)
QB: Seth Doege (6-2/205; SO) (6-4/218; SR) and Jacob Karam (6-1/205; RS FR)

Irregardless of whether or not you like Potts or not as a player, you could probably argue that Leach might put Doege ahead of Potts on the 2-deep next year, but based on last week's results, that may not be the case.  Still, Leach is still undecided on some level and there's competition, which is good. There's really not any one position that's going to be lacking over the next few years, especially if some of the younger players develop as we expect. And I'd also add that although Scotty Young (detailed below) appears to be just a tremendous football player, I'd just like to remind everyone that Karam is traveling with the team every week. That says something about his personality and what the coaches think of him. Don't anoint Young too quickly. It's easy to get wrapped up in the new guy, but sometimes it's the least likely guy that can lead your football team and Karam had an impressive pedigree -- 3,291 yards / 38 TD's / 10 INT's (thinking of some guy named Sheffield). Let's also not forget that Ward was a 4-star receiver last year, came to Texas Tech early and I'm hoping that he can make a significant impact sooner rather than later.

Recruiting, The 2010 Class

QB Scotty Young 6-3/185 5.8 4
RB Delans Griffin 5-10/181 5.8 4
RB Aaron Spikes 5-10/185 5.6 3
WR Kadron Boone 6-1/190 5.8 4
WR Shawn Corker 6-1/183 5.7 3
OL Beau Carpenter 6-7/269 5.6 3
OL Eric Lawson 6-6/320 5.5 3
OL James Polk 6-7/290 5.6 3
OL Denton Simek 6-6/260 5.6 3
OL Javius Townsend 6-4/297 5.6 3
AVERAGE 5.66 3.33


I think it's safe to say that offensively, the class is probably finished. Leach is recruiting at every position and just about every one of these recruits are high quality players and this year, there are no 2-star players on either side of the ball, which is an upgrade in talent. If I had to guess which players receive early playing time, you should probably consider Boone and maybe Corker. Both are supremely talented I also wouldn't be surprised if Griffin gets a look as well.  I'd also imagine that considering the depth on the offensive line, all of these guys should redshirt.

Recruit Trends

2010 5.66 3.33 -
2009 5.51 3.10 1/10 = 10.00%
2008 5.58 3.00 0/7 = 0.00%
2007 5.49 2.80 6/15 = 40.00%
2006 5.47 2.79 8/14 = 57.14%


Disclaimer:  I'm using the Rivals recruiting rankings and each player is assigned an RR number and a star. 

I probably need some explaining as the wash-out rate, which is the rate of players that either played just 1 season for Texas Tech or never really made it on campus. The reason to even judge some of these players is that the rankings can look great, but if the players do not contribute or make it on campus, then you haven't done much. I think it's also important to add that the washout rate is something that's going to happen to any college football team and the trend that you would prefer to see is the rate to be lower than it was in 2006, but I think the key is that in 2006 and in previous years, the staff had two options: take safe, but less talented athletes or take more risky, but more talented players. I think that's the reason for the high washout rate in 2006 and in 2007, however, as the team improves, I think a staff is able to recruit a higher caliber player, both personally and on the field.