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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 11.23.09

Light Day:  It's a pretty light day today as far as links.  I thought we'd continue the one-week tradition of Monday's Five Questions, which is scheduled for an 8:00 a.m. post.  As an aside, check out the Spotted photo gallery from the OU game.

Bowling:  LAJ's Don Williams talks with various bowl representatives and it appears that Texas Tech will play in the Holiday Bowl or the Alamo Bowl.  Here's a Holiday Bowl bigwig:

"We’re probably looking at Texas Tech and Nebraska, depending on who finishes the year off,’’ said Larry Baber, the Holiday Bowl’s chairman of the board and a longtime team selection committee member. "I would guess those are the two teams we’ll be picking from, and I think either one of them would be a good selection for us.’’

And an Alamo Bowl bigwig (CEO Derrick Fox):

"Suffice to say, from our perspective Tech is very much in our consideration,’’ Fox said, "and we’ll see what happens with the bowls in front of us and how they finish up.’’

I hardly ever pay much attention to this stuff because it gives me tired-head, but I guess quite a bit depends on the last weekend and whether or not Oklahoma St. can beat the Sooners.

Wrapping Up the Sooner Win:  DT's Alex Ybarra on "Jump Around" and the player motivation and Ybarra also discusses Leach passing Spike Dykes . . . DT's Adam Coleman writes about the seniors finishing

Baylor Bear and Big 12 Links:  Waco Trib's John Werner writes that the Bears are looking at their last game as their bowl game (this game worries me and it shouldn't) and also recaps the Aggies 38-3 win over Baylor . . .

Ignoring Basketball:  You probably noticed that I completely ignored basketball for the past 2 days.  The Red Raiders defeated the Lamar Cardinals 77-54 (box score) and although the game wasn't perfect, head coach Pat Knight was relatively happy with the performance, per LAJ's Courtney Linehan:

"I was glad our guys, instead of letting them back in, giving them confidence, letting them cut it to four or six, we were able to add to the lead," Knight said. "That’s always big."

Because I'm a day late, there are two notebooks from Linehan:  Saturday and Sunday.  Here's a short recap:  Knight said the football team motivated their performance on Saturday:

"It kind of gave us some motivation for this game tonight," Knight said. "We watched it here, and I thought it was great for Mike and those seniors to end it that way."

. . . the team knows they need to do a better job rebounding . . . G Nick Okorie had a molar broken on Saturday night (Ouch!):

"They looked at it, but they said as long as it’s not sensitive and it doesn’t really hurt, it’s OK," he said.

Lamar coach Steve Roccaforte likes what he sees in Texas Tech:

"I think his team this year is much improved," Roccaforte said. "I think they are much more athletic. They’re playing a little different style, and I think it suits his personnel a whole heck of a lot better."

The DT has some video highlights of the Lamar win: