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Crunching the Numbers :: Oklahoma Sooners Edition

Oklahoma Sooners
(6-4, 4-2)



Game Information:
Date: November 21, 2009 :: Time: 11:30 a.m. CST :: Weather: Lubbock, TX
TV: FSN :: Radio: Affiliates :: Game Cast: Fox Sports


A little short on time this week, but I thought at the very least I'd throw up a few stats and let you guys share some thoughts about some of the potential matchups. You can find all of the NCAA stats on both teams here: Texas Tech and Oklahoma.

TTU Pass Offense
OU Pass Defense
391.10 (2, 1)

178.40 (18, 1)
TTU Rush Offense
OU Rush Defense
71.20 (117, 12)

84.00 (5, 2)
OU Pass Offense
TTU Pass Defense
285.60 (15, 3)

218.50 (63, 5)
OU Rush Offense
TTU Rush Defense
150.00 (58, 7)

134.80 (53, 8)
TTU Scoring Offense
OU Scoring Defense
37.90 (7, 2)

12.10 (5, 2)
OU Scoring Offense
TTU Scoring Defense
33.30 (16, 3)

23.50 (54, 7)

Five Initial Thoughts

One :: Stout Pass Rush: Somewhat strange in that Texas Tech and OU are tied for 2nd in the nation in total sacks. OU's defense is better across the board, but it's interesting to me to see these two teams have success getting to the quarterback.

Two :: Which QB: OU's Landry Jones went from throwing 5 interceptions against Nebraska to throwing 5 touchdowns against Texas A&M. I didn't see the TAMU game, but I'd guess that the biggest reason why Jones struggled was the pass rush (see item 1 above).

Three :: Scoring Defense: It may have been this time last year when the OU scoring defense was actually ranked higher than the Texas Tech offense. It's not by much, but 12 points a game is downright scary.

Four :: 3rd Down Conversions: Prior to the Nebraska (7.14%) and TAMU (27.27%) games, the OU defense gave up a 3rd down conversion rate of 41.18% against Kansas and a 50.00% rate against Kansas St. The Kansas St. game being relatively close. The Texas Tech converted only 4 of 13 3rd downs on Saturday and I think we can all agree that OU will be bringing all kinds of pressure on 3rd downs on Saturday.

Five :: Turnovers: This is easy. When Oklahoma loses the turnover battle, it's a loss (Texas and Nebraska) while Texas Tech is winning despite being in the red in turnover margin almost every game: Rice, Kansas St., Nebraska and Kansas are the exceptions.