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Monday's Five Questions

This is going to be a busy week for me personally and thought that asking you guys and gals five questions about various aspects of the football and basketball team might be a good way to spark some conversation and discussion.  I'm seemingly running out of time to write as much as I did earlier in the year and I hope you don't mind my cheap attempt to put up additional content.

1. From a defensive standpoint, how would you solve the scrambling quarterback issue? Is it a defensive end, linebacker or safety spy? Does the defensive line do a better job of creating a pocket? Etc.

2. Do you agree with Mike Leach's assessment regarding timeouts at the end of the game?

"You guys are in love with them timeouts. Any of you that think it would have made all the difference, you’re out of your minds. We were doing a good job of getting it out of bounds, moving along, on the ball quick. That wasn’t a big issue. Oklahoma State was a bigger problem than having or not having timeouts.’’

3. What's your general feelings heading into this week's game against the Oklahoma Sooners, who just demolished the Texas A&M Aggies, 65-10?  On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most worried and 1 being the least worried, where do you stand this week?

4. The basketball team is off to a 3-0 start against 3 teams that have the potential to make the field of 65 (albeit in very different conferences), are you impressed thus far or are you waiting until tougher opponents or conference play?

5. The defense has been better thus far, ranking 28th in the nation thus far in adjusted defensive efficiency (realizing that it's not against the absolute best competition). Is this a welcome sight, or do you prefer a more up-tempo brand of basketball, or do you just want to see winning basketball?