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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 11.10.09

  What's Cool and What's Not Cool:  I'm working on a post (maybe tomorrow or Thursday) to let everyone know what you can and what you cannot use as far as subscription based material.  I'll mention this later, but the basic rule is that if you're disclosing information straight from a subscription based service then you'd be doing me a favor in not posting it.  If you can find information creatively or hear information on the radio  or receive a text message then feel free to post. 

Part of the reason I try to be so careful is that I'm merely an independent contractor with SBN, which means that although I have plenty of technical support, a tremendous platform to write, and I think the network would have my back on some issues, but should I get sued individually, I'm on my own.  To get sued would be a stretch for this type of stuff and to be honest I have a good working relationship with the guys from, but I'd really prefer not to have to hire an attorney and pay for a legal defense if it ever comes to that. 

It's really about my own self-preservation more than anything else.  DTN is a hobby in the purest sense of the word and I don't ever want to be involved in any sort of lawsuit for something that I consider fun.  This is why it's just easier to delete stuff or constantly warn you guys about what I think is appropriate or not appropriate. 

And last, but not least, one of the reasons I started DTN because I did not and still do not pay for any subscription.  I wanted an outlet and I thought others might want an outlet too.  The thing about information is that there will almost always be a first person to break the story, but in today's world, if the story is truly big, it's going to break much sooner than a few years ago.  Personally, I'm willing to wait to find out the information for free.  Sure, it would be great to know, but DTN has never broken any news and probably never will.  If you're visiting DTN for breaking Texas Tech news and can't live without that information then you may want to join one of the services.

  Starting QB a Super Secret:  FWST's Dwain Price writes that head coach Mike Leach is being coy about who will start and play at quarterback this week:

"We’ll see how it is comes [today]," Leach said, when asked about having Sheffield back at practice this week. "It always is good to have more options. The more the merrier."

And Price talked with WR Alexander Torres who thinks that QB Steven Sheffield is still playing tentatively:

"I know Sheffield, his leg is still tentative," wide receiver Alex Torres said Monday. "I don’t know exactly the whole injury situation and what’s the deal with that, but right now I’m not too sure what [the starting quarterback spot is] going to look like."

  Swinging Your Sword:  LAJ's Don Williams and DT's Alex Ybarra both write about Captain Mike Leach's improvisation abilities in his appearance in Friday Night Lights (there's NewsChannel 11 video after the jump).  Leach tried to improvise:

"It was kind of scripted and then it was kind of, ‘Well, here’s the scenario; do what you want,’ ’’ Leach said. "’Include this, this, this and this.’ Actually, in the original (filming), there’s stuff about Napoleon, Daniel Boone, grizzly bears, raccoons, a bunch of stuff. We covered a lot of bases, and they picked from what they wanted.’’

There's also the mention that Leach grabbed the burrito from the coach's hand, however, this did not make the cut.  CB Jamar Wall said that Leach's speech to the coach in his truck lasted only 60 seconds, but the real deal can last for a while:

"We’ve definitely had that,’’ senior cornerback Jamar Wall said. "One meeting (this year), that’s all we did was talk about waving the sword one way or another. They just got a small taste of it. We got hours of it.’’

And Leach also talks about finding and testing your inner pirate:

"I think it’s always tested,’’ he said. "I think it’s tested in practice. I think it’s tested individually and team-wise. I think you’ve got to keep battling away. You don’t ever want there to be a level of resignation where (players think), ‘Oh well, that’s it.’

"If you don’t enjoy the battle, and if you don’t enjoy going from one point to the next, you’re kind of in the wrong business. Football’s just designed to have one obstacle after the next. That’s why it exists to begin with. There’s going to be ups and downs, but you’ve got to enjoy battling it every day, I think.’’

  Many Love the Pirate:  LAJ's Adam Zuvanich has a note book of sorts, but during yesterday's teleconference many coaches were asked about Leach's impact on the Big 12.  Here's OU's Bob Stoops:

"I’m just excited for Mike," said Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops, who hired Leach to be his first offensive coordinator with the Sooners in 1999. "He has done a great job there with Tech, and he did a great job for us the first year he was here. I obviously felt he could be a head coach when I hired him, and that was my words to him: ‘If he did a good job at Oklahoma, he’d have the opportunity to be a head coach.’ But I didn’t know it would be the first year. He’s a done a great job, and all of us still keep in touch with Mike and we’re happy for him."

And Mizzou's Gary Pinkel:

"We certainly stole some ideas six, seven years ago to try to build my program here at Mizzou," Pinkel said. "… He’s a great football coach, and the proof is the consistency with how he wins."

  Oklahoma St. Cowboy and Big 12 Links:  The Tulsa World talks with head coach Mike Gundy about Texas Tech . . . Crimson and Cream Machine's dishingoutdimes on Auston English and Brody Eldridge being out for the rest of the year . . . NewsOK's John Helsley with an OSU notebook . . . NewsOK's Brandon Chatmon writes that Oklahoma St. defensive coordinator Bill Young has had success in holding the Texas Tech offense . . . Tulsa World's Dave Sittler also writes about Bill Young and his effect on the Cowboys . . . LAJ's Adam Zuvanich looks back at Texas Tech's last visit to Stillwater . . . DT's Adam Coleman on the 2009 version of the Big 12 not being as glamorous the 2008 version . . .

  Honoring Veterans:  The opening game between Texas Tech and South Dakota is going to be honoring this country's veterans and first responders.  I'm sure that you guys are anxiously waiting on my preview for this game, but you'll have to wait until Friday.  I know, I'm a sorry S.O.B.

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