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Prediction Time :: Kansas St. Wildcats Edition

(3-2, 1-0)


(3-2, 0-1)


Game Information:
October 10, 2009 :: 6:00 p.m. CST :: Weather: Lubbock, TX
TV: FSN :: Radio: Affiliates :: Game Cast: Fox Sports


Make your prediction for the game. What will happen, who will lead the offense and the defense and predict the final score.

Synopsis of the Game: I think we see something similar to last week in that QB Steven Sheffield will come out absolutely hot and fade later in the game. Nevertheless, it will be enough for Texas Tech. RG Brandon Carter should have a lot of pent-up energy. I don't know that the defense will sack KSU QB Grant Gregory, but I do think that the defensive line will do a better job of controlling the line of scrimmage. This allows LB Brian Duncan to make a ton of plays this week.

Offensive MVP: RG Brandon Carter

Defensive MVP: LB Brian Duncan

Final Score: Kansas St. 17, Texas Tech 35