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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 10.05.09

  Think a Good Thought for Stone: Last night, word leaked that QB Taylor Potts was released from the hospital last night, but CB Nathan Stone is still in the hospital in stable condition.  Despite walking off the field, there is apparently some serious issues with Stone's spine (I'm inferring this because he's still in the hospital) and you'd all make me incredibly happy if you could all think a good thought and send some good mojo Nathan's way.

  Carter Returns to Practice and Potts Doubtful:  We also learned last night that RG Brandon Carter returned to practice, perhaps indicating that his suspension was only 1 game.  This morning, LAJ's Don Williams has some updates, including why Carter was suspended:

The Avalanche-Journal learned Carter was suspended after Tech’s Sept. 19 loss at Houston for an outburst that included smashing his helmet and loudly criticizing the coaching staff.

Williams mentions that QB Taylor Potts is doubtful for Saturday's game and that QB Steven Sheffield is expected to start.  Sheffield is preparing as if he's the starter:

"I’m going to watch just as much film as anybody else,’’ Sheffield said. "When coach Leach is telling us the game plan for the week, I’m going to be taking notes and seeing what I need to do. The game plan we were told about what New Mexico does, they do exactly what we thought they did, and it worked out well. Kansas State’s a good opponent, but I’m ready.’’

Williams also states that injuries to C Shawn Byrnes and FS Cody Davis are not thought to be serious.

  Potts vs. Sheffield:  So where do I stand on this?  If I had to choose, I'd take Potts, although I fully admit that I haven't seen enough of Sheffield to really make an informed decision.  I've seen a spring game, some mop-up time against Rice and one half of football to base my decision rather than 4 and a half games of Potts.  I mentioned in yesterday's Post Game Thoughts that the grass is always greener with back-up quarterbacks and the thought that's stuck with me over the rest of the weekend is that there's a reason why Leach choose Potts over Sheffield, and we just may not know what it is quite yet. 

Each brings something different to the table, but because no quarterback is perfect, Sheffield is going to have his faults, although I'd love for him to play perfectly.  It's just not realistic to think that's the case.  In fact, on Sunday morning, LAJ's Don Williams talked about some of the reasons why Sheffield may not have been named a starter in the past:

While Leach can coach a lot of traits into a guy, he’s failed evidently to coach the running instincts out of Sheffield. When it was still a close game in the third quarter, Sheffield took off and ran for a 13-yard gain, looking quite natural in doing so and setting up the touchdown that gave his team some breathing room at 21-7. Also, working behind a piecemeal offensive line, several of Sheffield’s passes came after he’d bailed out of the pocket to buy more time. Frankly, he looked pretty adept throwing on the move.

Through the years, Leach has admonished Sheffield for impulsive tendencies. Don’t force the deep ball. And don’t be too quick to take off.

The latter has maybe fallen on deaf ears.

The same trait that quite a few of you guys love, tucking the ball and taking off down field, is something that Leach seems to absolutely hate, which is why you may see Potts hang onto the ball too long.  And on Sheffield's interception, it was due to him forcing the ball down the field into triple coverage.  Sheffield did plenty of good and he was fun to watch, but I'd just ask that we tap the breaks with unrealistic expectations.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it's real easy to love Sheffield now, I'd just caution everyone to anoint Sheffield the chosen one just yet.  Again, I'd love for Sheffield to play perfectly as long as he plays, but I think those are unrealistic expectations and the traits that seems to be a rallying point is the same trait that Leach tries to coach out of his quarterbacks.

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