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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 10.31.09

  Car Wash:  I've been making an effort not to post anything from ESPN, because generally the news that is out there is not broken on ESPN but by local reporters, but now I have no choice to link to ESPN on Monday as Captain Mike Leach will go to the ESPN Studios in Bristol and make appearances all day long on various ESPN outlets.  FWST's Dwain Price talked with Texas Tech spokesman Chris Cook:

"That's just the term ESPN uses,'' Tech spokesman Chris Cook said. "He'll hit all of the ESPN talks shows -- the TV and radio shows _ in one day. So he'll be live on every ESPN radio show, College Football Live, First Take.

"He'll just kind of go from studio to studio. Just kind of go up and down the studios, do the shows, break for lunch and keep going.''

  My Two Dads:  LAJ's Don Williams sat down with DE Daniel Howard and his father (who is a poster here on DTN - shoutout) and his step-father, both helped shaped Howard into the player he is today.  Here's Daniel on how his father, Duane, helped teach him to work hard every play:

"My dad, he’s always told me since I was little, ‘What does it take to hustle? Nothing.’ What do I have to do to hustle? I’m going to be tired afterward, but that’s about all it’s going to take from me. I just hustle. That’s the only way you can make plays.’’

  Torres Finds Home:  FWST's Dwain Price features WR Alexander Torres, who has found a home at Texas Tech.  For those of you who do not know Torres' story, he was going to initially play at the Air Force prep academy, but broke his hand, couldn't finish basic training, was sent home, and then transferred to Texas Tech.  Here's Torres:

"They send you home if you can’t complete basic training because of medical issues, and they bring you back the following year," Torres said. "When it came down to it, I was excited to play there, I wanted to play there.

"But when it came down to my injury and getting turned back a year, I felt that was going to be too long to sit out of football and school and be able to go back and be successful the way I wanted to be. So I started training and running a lot and lifting a lot and looking for a place to find in the spring that I could really get a shot to play."

  Texas Tech and Kansas Both Need to Bounce Back:  LAJ's Don Williams writes that both TTU and KU can compare notes on their mini-slumps.

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