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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 10.30.09

  Tier One Funding:  I saw this as I was searching for Texas Tech items and I hope this isn't old news.  The Tier One funding allocations have been decided and it appears that Texas Tech will receive $21.3 million of the available $50 million.

  Video Board:  LAJ's Don Williams writes that a new video board is on Texas Tech's wish list for Jones AT&T Stadium.  Williams writes that the current stadium expansion ran over budget of about $6 million and Myers would like to have the funding in place for a new video board before making any huge decisions.

  Dress Roster:  If you've ever wondered where the official dress roster is, you just need to go to each game's home page on the official site, this is the week's game page for Kansas.  You can click on the Texas Tech Game Notes link and it will take you to this pdf preview of the game, which gets updated during the week.  Scroll down to page 10 and you have the official dress roster. I know that each and every one of you are totally anxious about dress rosters.

  Football Notebook: LAJ's Don Williams has some notes (duh) in his daily notebook and that freshman RB Eric Stephens is 6th all-time at Texas Tech in kickoff returns for a season (congrats, that's impressive):

"What Eric brings that’s refreshing from a freshman is just a confidence," special teams coach Eric Russell said Thursday. "Obviously, he’s not going to go down on the first hit. Everything hasn’t always been blocked perfectly for him, but he believes every time he gets it that he can make something happen."

. . . also out for Saturday's game are the following:  S Brett Dewhurst, S Will Ford, QB Steven Sheffield, LT Terry McDaniel and DE Jonathan Brydon.  One other thing, I was searching for some stuff on Flickr and stumbled across what I believe is a photo of QB Steven Sheffield in his walking boot (I know this because it's labeled that way).  Surprisingly, the thing that bothers me most about this picture isn't the walking boot the the jeans that Sheffield is wearing.  I know . . . I'm getting old, but those are a tad bit over the top . . . right?

  Freshman Focus:  LAJ's Don Williams writes a weekly article on freshman who are redshirting this year and up next and up next is DE Kerry Hyder.  Hyder was one of those tweener types in that he played linebacker in high school, but had the frame and build to put on weight to play defensive end.  Hyder was a multi-sport athlete who also played basketball and Hyder has put on some weight during his redshirt year and has spent most of his time this year at defensive end.  Here's William and DL coach Sadler on Hyder:

"I’ve been pleased with the progression he’s made," defensive line coach Charlie Sadler said Thursday. "You can see it in these Thursday night scrimmages (for young players). I think his effort has gotten better. His technique is better."

When Hyder signed with Tech back in February, defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill said Hyder runs well enough that he might fit as the team’s walk-around "joker" pass rusher. But the joker usually lines up at linebacker depth, and Sadler said Hyder might outgrow that possibility if he hasn’t already.

Now he strikes Sadler as more of a front-four type. That might be the case even more so once Hyder spends an off-season under strength and conditioning coach Bennie Wylie.

"The thing about him is considering the fact he played basketball all the way through high school along with football, he never really had much opportunity to be in the weight room," Sadler said. "But even early, he showed he has a lot of natural strength. With Bennie’s help, he could wind up being a really strong guy."

  Wanting to Get Back on Track:  DT's Alex Ybarra writes that both the Jayhawks and the Red Raiders want to get back on the winning track this week.

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