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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 10.27.09

  Still Running Behind:  I'm not going to have anything new up today as I'm still running a bit behind and wasn't able to work last night.  I think I'll be able to resume my schedule tomorrow, but in the meantime, make sure and check out SkinPatrol's answers on this week's Big 12 Roundtable.

  Doege Looks to Start:  LAJ's Don Williams writes about how Leach is voicing that supporting for QB Seth Doege for this Saturday's game against Kansas.  Here's Leach:

"I thought he looked really good,’’ Leach said during the team’s weekly Monday news conference. "I thought he played good. He didn’t try to make too much happen. He’s got a good arm, and he’s a sharp guy. Just read the material in front of you and don’t add to it and read between the lines. I thought he did a good job of that.’’

And WR Alexander Torres had this to say about Doege:

Flanker Alex Torres said he wasn’t surprised by Doege’s performance because he "loves playing and has passion for the game.’’

"I wasn’t too surprised with the way he performed at all,’’ Torres said, "just because I’ve seen what he can do in practice. I have confidence in him.’’

More about that "passion for the game" next . . .

  Wanted -- Enthusiasm:  FWST's Dwain Price has a lengthy blog-post about how this team needs to be more enthusiastic and mentions that players like DB Trent Nickerson, QB Jacob Karam and DT Pearlie Graves, who all may not play or should be redshirted this year, are making the travel squad because they're excited about playing Texas Tech football.  Leach goes on to say that making excuses about not having QB Steven Sheffield enthusiasm is now just an excuse.

"That is just an excuse,'' said Leach, when asked if his team missed Sheffield's enthusiasm against the Aggies. "They can generate their own enthusiasm.

"They need Sheffield for enthusiasm and Sheffield does a great job of that, there is no question and that is an important role for a player to have. They need to have their own damn enthusiasm. What is the matter with you?''


"We travel 70 people to this game that can generate their own enthusiasm, and the fact that they have been at this for years and years and years should be reason for enthusiasm enough,'' Leach said. "Any mopey-whinyness, we will go roll around in some damn sand and see if that is enthusiasm.

"There are people we bring on the sideline because they do a great job of enthusiam. Like (redshirt senior defensive back) Trent Nickerson, like (freshman defensive tackle) Pearlie Graves, like (freshman quarterback) Jacob Karam. We are going to redshirt those guys, but those guys have great enthusiasm, and the notion that we are bringing underclassmen to generate enthusiasm and we have upperclassmen laying around here, that should tell you something right there.

"Those guys whining about enthusiasm can get off their (butts) and be enthusiastic.''

  Apologizing for the Performance:  FWST's Dwain Price had this from LB Bront Bird, who took it upon himself to apologize to the Texas Tech fanbase:

"I apologize to the fans and we appreciate their support," Bird said. "We just didn’t come out as a team ready to play and that’s something we owe our fans.

"We have some of the most loyal fans there are around. They’re rowdy and we pride ourselves in the Jones."

  Football Notebook:  LAJ's Don Williams has some notes about Mike Leach's thoughts on Kansas coach Mark Mangino:

"I know Mark pretty well, and he’s a friend of mine,’’ Leach said. "Anybody that you have slumber parties with on the floor of the University of Oklahoma athletic complex outside your office… . You know, we slept in our offices when we first got there. There’d be nights of coffee, microwave popcorn and film. Well, film until Howard Stern came on.

. . . and Leach said that freshman RT LaAdrian Waddle was good in his first start last week:

"There were some growing pains, which we knew there would be a mental thing here and there, but physically he’s really good,’’ Leach said.

  Big 12 and Assorted Links: Rock Chalk Talk's Denverjhawk breaks down the Texas Tech vs. Kansas matchups . . . CT's Dave Matter with a good walk around the Big 12 . . . TR's RRR looks at the TAMU game and dedfischer looks at Michael Trabtree's debut with San Francisco . . .