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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 10.21.09

  Selling Stuff:  After thinking about it for a few days I've made a decision regarding those that want to sell their wares on DTN.  If there are any additional FanPosts where someone is trying to sell something, no matter the product, they're going to get deleted.  If you email me and you have a good cause, i.e. proceeds are going to charity, then I think the best thing is to run it by me first and then I'll give you the green light to post.  I'm sure this makes me a look poorly to some, but I've worked very hard on DTN becoming a somewhat popular place and if you want to advertise to make a profit or get noticed by 3,000 people a day, then I'll get you hooked up with the right people.

  It's Going to Be Potts:  Thanks to the djollie111 FanShot last night and it's being reported by multiple sources, including LAJ's Don Williams, FWST's Dwain Price, DT's Alex Ybarra, that QB Steven Sheffield will be out 2 to 3 weeks and QB Taylor Potts has been cleared to play Saturday against the Aggies.  Price's article has a source (that sounds so mysterious) that was quoted as saying that the controversy as to whether or not Potts would be cleared to play was "blown out of proportion":

However, of Potts' status for the A&M game, the source said: "He's fine.''

Asked about the controversy on whether Potts hasn't recovered from the concussion, the source said: "That's completely been blown out of proportion.''

There you have it, straight from an unnamed source's mouth.

  Other Injuries and Notes:  Also in the previously linked LAJ's Don Williams article, there's a run down of other injuries and other than Sheffield, LT Terry McDaniel, C Shawn Byrnes, and S Will Ford remain out for Saturday's game.  Think a good thought for all of these guys today to get back on the field as quickly as possible . . . special teams Coach Russell is also concerned about Donnie Carona's lack of ability to kick the ball deep, despite having a strong leg, and had this to say about the situation:

Asked if he’d consider kickers Matt Williams or Brad Hicks, Russell said, "If anybody else would show they could do any better. We’re going to always go with the best guy. We’re also trying to work and get it fixed with Donnie.

"We’re just not striking it right. I don’t know what the issues are, whether our eyes are coming off the ball or what.’’

. . . and if the general public doesn't buy up the extra seats, the administration is prepared to fill those spots with students . . .

  Seniors Want to Keep Streak Alive:  LAJ's Don Williams writes that the current group of seniors do not want to be the class that loses to the Aggies (currently 4).  RT Marlon Winn (again, becoming one of my favorite players) recounts his early games against the Aggies:

"That’s a very big deal,’’ said Winn, Tech’s three-year starter at right tackle. "My redshirt (freshman) year, the first year we traveled down there, I remember the touchdown catch Robert Johnson made in the end zone to seal the game (31-27). I felt the rivalry between the two teams and how we just snatched the air out of the stadium. I enjoyed the feeling.

"They come here the next year, and kind of the same thing happens,’’ Winn went on. "It’s something that, when you go into practice that week, you remember those kind of things, and you don’t want to be the team that ends up losing to Texas A&M, who of course is a great team.’’

And TAMU coach Mike Sherman knows the Texas Tech crowd and students can be "threatening":

"Playing at nighttime out in Lubbock, the crowd’s going to be right behind our bench, and it’s going to be very threatening,’’ Sherman said.  "Our kids have to rise to that challenge. I’m not so sure we did a good job of that last week.’’

  Offensive Line to be Tested by Miller:  DT's Adam Coleman writes that the offensive line will be tested by talented TAMU DE Von Miller.  Offensive line Coach Moore had this to say about the challenge:

"We’re not going to change anything in what we do, but they definitely have a little pep in their step," he said. "That’s the reason they came here. That’s the reason they came to the Big 12. If they wanted to go play against someone they could beat every time, they’d go play in a different conference.

"They come here for the challenge, and I feel like we stepped up to it last week."

And Miller had this to say about what they intend on doing this week:

"Our secondary — I know our guys are gonna bear down, hold the receivers up a little bit,  give us a couple chances, a couple of opportunities to get back there and make a couple of plays," Miller said during A&M’s weekly press conference Monday. "Our secondary and our linebackers, I’m 100 percent positive that we’re gonna have a really good week."

  Texas A&M Aggie Links:  the B/CS Eagle's Robert Cessna writes that the Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M game is always interesting . . . the Chron's Brent Zwerneman recounts the Aggies' struggles in Lubbock . . .

  Big 12 Links:  Barking Carnival's srr50 with an interesting take as to why we (Big 12 schools) should all pay attention to Comcast's proposed takeover of NBC . . . FanHouse's Terrance Harris with a Big 12 notebook . . .

  Media Days:  The Big 12 Basketball Media Days are today in Kansas City, Missouri, and PG John Roberson and SF Mike Singletary will join coach Pat Knight today.

  Roberson to Take Control:  LAJ's Courtney Linehan writes that junior PG John Roberson is looking to take a bigger leadership role this year:

"It’s tough, especially when things aren’t going well, but you grow up a lot quicker than you would if you weren’t a captain," Roberson, now a junior, said. "It helped me a lot to grow up and actually learn how to be a leader."

And coach Pat Knight had this to say about Roberson:

"I just want him to carry on what he did from an offensive standpoint last year," Knight said, "but he’s got to have less turnovers and he’s got to start guarding somebody."


"Roberson’s got to be able to defend on the ball, cause problems without his hand on the ball, create deflections, steals," Knight said. "He’s got to be able to cause turnovers."