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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 10.17.09

  Nervous Computer:  My computer didn't start initially this morning and made me very nervous.  This explains why I'm a tad bit late this morning.  It's 4 years old, it may be time to make a new investment.

  Lewis to Make Splash:  LAJ's Don Williams writes that WR coach Riley thinks that WR Detron Lewis should make a contribution at the end of the season:

"Yeah, I think he will," inside receivers coach Lincoln Riley said this week. "He’s gotten on the same page with the quarterbacks. He came out of the blocks really strong, really played well against North Dakota and then since then he hasn’t been his usual explosive self. (But) he’s had his best week of practice this week, and I think he’s really going to start to get into a groove."

And Lewis may be looking a bit ahead for a week:

"I’ve been asked that question a lot, but I don’t really care now, because I think I’m in the right place," he said. "But honestly, I do put more into the A&M game. I want to rip them up, because I was right up the street back home and they didn’t look my way."

We can allow this, right?

  Tough Nebraska Defense:  LAJ's Don Williams writes that after two relatively weak teams, the Red Raiders are set to face a very tough Nebraska squad.  RT Marlon Winn thinks QB Steven Sheffield is ready to play on the road:

"I think he’s ready to go on the road," Tech tackle Marlon Winn said this week. "I think he’s ready to go anywhere we take him. (Against New Mexico), he stepped in like he was supposed to be there the whole time, and he kind of took the (job) over like it was his deal anyway. He did the same thing against Kansas State, and I don’t expect any different of him in Nebraska."

  Bird Takes Advantage:  FWST's Dwain Price profiles LB Bront Bird, who is taking advantage of early playing time in his career and loves playing for Defensive Coordinator McNeill:

"He loves the game of football, loves the coaches around him and loves us as players," Bird said. "He’s passionate about what he does, he expects the best out of you, he sees what you’re capable of and he’ll accept nothing less than that.

"He’s a great guy to play under and I couldn’t ask for a better leader."

And Bird talks about moving to different positions:

"I got to play some defensive line some this year, and we’ve had tackles moving out to end," Bird said. "I think that’s great, because it’s a unit that, no matter what happens, somebody is going to step in, even if it’s a position they don’t normally play.

"It’s been fun to watch and fun to be a part of. It’s just a year where we want to do whatever we can to succeed."

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