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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 10.01.09

Odds and Ends

  Sometimes It's Best to Let Things Go:  I don't think it's appropriate for me to comment on a private email conversation and I won't.  Sometimes I try to handle things internally and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.  For the record, this has only happened one other time and that other reader, who I'd say was the better person through all of it, is back contributing to DTN.

Texas Tech Football

  Carter and Twitter Update:  I'm pretty sure that you'll see the irony of all of this in a second.'s Chris Level's Twitter notes that RG Brandon Carter did not tear up the locker room or punch a player and that the truth was that Carter's actions was fairly boring to what's being said

For me personally, this clears up some questions about the alleged actions by Carter after the Houston game.  For me, it's not that I need to know what he did do, but it's nice to find out what he didn't do.

SAEN's Buck Harvey writes this morning that the Twitter trouble is because of Mike Leach and should have followed the lead of UT's Mack Brown.  So much to write, but so little time to write it.  Heaven forbid that Leach and the athletic department staff were all quite aware of the Twitter accounts of the player, but decided to trust their senior leaders.  And to clarify, I don't even think it was Carter's tweet that got him in trouble, he had already been suspended, and thus far, Marlon Williams comment about Leach being late to a meeting, which had been canceled. 

To compare what happened at Texas last year:

Brown warned of this before, but a year ago he got everyone's attention. Then one of his players, Buck Burnette, went on Facebook to slur and threaten Barack Obama.

. . . seems like a really big reach by Harvey. 

  Every One Knows the Lobos Stink Statistically:'s Joe Yeager comes to the same conclusion that I came to earlier in the week, that the Lobos have been statistically horrible.

  New Mexico Lobo Links:  LAJ's Courtney Linehan writes that New Mexico coach Mike Locksley is trying to learn on the job while in the spotlight . . . Mountain West Connection has the first comments from Mike Locksley and delves into how bad the Lobos are going to be (really good statistical breakdown) . . . SportingNews' Matt Hayes writes that Locksley is already on the hot-seat . . . Football Rumor Mill has a couple of stories on Locksley's behavior . . .

  Big 12 Links:  Hooray!  Bring On The Cats Adventure in the Big 12 with the back-stories of the characters this wonderful series and up first is Iowa State (very funny stuff) . . . Rock M Nation's Beyond the Box Score weekly picks does not predict a blowout for the Red Raiders (remember, this is the math, don't shoot the messenger) . . .

Texas Tech Baseball

  Stern Copes with Loss of Mother:  LAJ's Courtney Linehan with a tremendous story on Texas Tech pitcher Jordan Stern, who lost his mother to breast cancer last year.  If you read one thing today, read this.