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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Is He In Classes Edition

It's going to be pretty sparse today as much of the sports world is focusing on Florida's BCS Championship. Congrats, etc.

DTN Appointments:

Should have a DTN Basketball Report posted at noon.

DTN's Top Four:

  1. Rush The Court checks in on the Big 12.
  2. IUPUI coach goes barefoot with the hopes of collecting 1,000,000 pairs of shoes for children of third-world countries.
  3. I can't say that I understand all of it (due to my own lack of intelligence), but Barking Carnival with a tremendous statistical breakdown of being a consistent football team.
  4. Clone Chronicles, The Big 12 Goes to College.

I'm not sure how long this is going to stay up, but on the LAJ website, there's a Tech-Crabtree update and down the article, there's a portion of the article that is in all-caps that reads:

Wells confirmed Crabtree is seeking medical evaluations for injuries he suffered this year — to his left foot in the seventh game of the season at Texas A&M and to his right ankle in the regular-season finale against Baylor. The latter might have been a factor in Crabtree catching only four passes for a career-low 30 yards in Friday’s season-ending loss to Mississippi.DID WE ASK HIM? … IS HE IN CLASSES?

I'm not sure if this posting of the article was a mistake, because I dont' see any other sort of update or revision in the article. If it's a mistake, then thank goodness I'm up before any copy-editors.  To me, it almost reads like an internal question they were supposed to be asking Wells. I should make a disclaimer, I read this with very little coffee and it looked pretty much the same, so I sorta assumed that it was.

In any event, if we have that answer, we know whether or not he's coming back to Texas Tech, in which case I still think he needs to start his professional career as quickly as possible.

DT's Adam Coleman writes that Graham Harrell has signed on with a sports agent out of Nashville, Tennessee, while he and Eric Morris and Daniel Charbonnet will all train together with Competitive Edge Sports:

Chip Smith, one of the main trainers with Competitive Edge Sports, said one thing Harrell will work on over the next few months is taking snaps under center rather than from the shotgun formation. He said Harrell also will work with former Cal head coach Roger Theder, who Smith said is one of the best quarterback coaches in the country.

Smith said Harrell, Charbonnet and Morris all have criticisms against them, but working with a performance coach is a good start to eliminating those criticisms.

"What we do is, we identify those (weaknesses)," he said. "We get reports from the NFL, they say what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are. 90 percent of the time, the things that they say are weaknesses might be quick hands, quick feet, might be change of direction, might be hips, might be arm strength. All those are things we isolate and that's the great thing about working with a performance coach."

The LA Times writes that Michael Crabtree and Graham Harrell connection against Texas was the 4th biggest moment of the season, meanwhile, that play earned Texas Tech $100,000 which is to be donated to the general scholarship fun.

Dean of college football, Tony Barnhart for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has his way too early 2009 preseason Top 25:

20. Texas Tech (11-2): The Red Raiders lose record-setting quarterback Graham Harrell, but Mike Leach always has another great quarterback waiting. If All-World WR Michael Crabtree returns, Texas Tech will be ranked higher come the spring. Expect Crabtree to go to the NFL.

DT's Alex Ybarra takes a look at Baylor's outstanding guard and Pat Knight says that it's a difficult matchup:

"We have (Alan) Voskuil, who is a very good shooter, not great off the dribble," Knight said. "So you can play him a little different, but then (John) Roberson is good at both, so they're a lot like having three Robersons out there, who can shoot it and drive it. That's what worries me."

And center Esmir Rizvic returns to action tonight and Junior Knight is hoping for some defensive consistency:

"I'm hoping it's a good defensive player, hoping he's not another player that's up and down," he said. "I've got enough of those now. I think it gives us a defensive presence. He's very good help side. He's gonna be hard to shoot over, getting behind the post players. I think putting him in the middle of our zone is gonna help. It's just good to have another big body."