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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Hold On Now Edition

DTN Appointments:

I'm posting some information on football recruiting at noon, which means that if you're here before noon, you'll have to make it a point to check in again.

DTN's Top Four:

  1. Smart Football with a preview of tonight's national championship.
  2. PB from BON and his annual playoff post. Logic is refreshing, but reality is incredibly frustrating.
  3. From ESPN's Matt Mosley, Ravens safety Ed Reed said the Cowboys had a simple game plan.
    "That was a real simple game plan that they attacked us with," said Reed of the Cowboys' offense. "I thought it would be more complicated, but it was a real simple game plan that they attacked us with. I mean we knew it. Looking at these coaches' openings and talking about a certain someone from Dallas, I'm like, 'Hold on now.'
  4. A lengthy but well written piece by Rocky Top Talk's Hooper on what exactly is a national champion.

Today there's going to be a rally for Lubbock radio station KTXT-FM from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. between the Student Union Building and the University Library.

No football news out there to today, other than my last night's ramblings on Crabtree and Leach, really interesting stuff by LAJ's Don Williams.

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes that Pat Knight is searching for answers as to the team's deficiencies. Here's Junior Knight on part of the problem:

"If one guy breaks down, the whole team breaks down, that’s what they don’t understand," Knight said. "They kind of have the attitude, Well, if I break down, somebody’s going to make up for it.’ You can’t do that. Players are too good."

PK is not quitting and is doggedly working at improving:

"We just have to stay after it," Knight said. "We’ll complain about it (Tuesday) and then come back and practice (Wednesday) and get ready for Baylor and start getting ready for the Big 12.

"You kind of take it out on yourself and the staff will watch the tape, but then we’ve got to keep getting them going, go back to working on the fundamentals of defense and offense. We’ve got a couple days to get ready for Baylor and the start of the Big 12."

DT's Alex Ybarra also writes that Texas Tech is struggling as the Big 12 is about to begin. Sophomore forward Mike Singletary has some lofty expectations:

"Our goal is we wanna be a better (conference) team than last year," said Singletary, who scored 22 points against TCU. "We felt like there were a lot of games in there last year that we should've won. We just didn't have the leadership or anything to win those games. We feel like we have that this year.

"We really think we should be in the upper half of the Big 12 this year. We know that if we don't figure out these problems it's gonna be a tough run."

And apparently Trevor Cook and Damir Suljagic are having some back issues which are keeping them out of play recently:

"They're never gonna be 100 percent until after the season," Knight said of his injured players. "To be 100 percent you gotta take off a couple months and they just can't afford to do that. We're a little banged up and so is everybody else. If you look around the country everyone has got injuries, but it's basketball."

NewsOK with a five-minute guide to Big 12 men's hoops.