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Looking on the Bright Side with Kayakyakr

Usually, when I'm angry, dissapointed, upset, I tend to see only the dark side, how things are bad and not the bright side of the situation. That usually comes later. I've decided to change that so, tonight, while I'm all pissed off about the poor performance that I witnessed today, I would like you to join me as I take a look at all the things that we have to look forward to and be thankful for after this football season.

  1. We had a great 11-2 record this season. Let's face it, most of us predicted a 10-2 record this season and a bowl win. We got that. 11-2 is still the best Tech season in history.

  2. We also have a great recruiting class, as far as verbal commitments go, in place for the next year. There are a few players that may come in and have an immediate impact, especially on defense.

  3. We left the season with things to work on. Losing our bowl game may be a blessing in disguise because the team will be able to refocus and get pissed off about the 3 straight poor games to end the season. There's plenty to work on and it may prove the motivating factor that the team needs to start what many consider a "rebuilding" year with a chip on their shoulder and the attitude to prove it.

  4. We got to say goodbye to an excellent senior class. And while I may miss Graham Harrell and will certainly miss the elf, Eric Moris, there are more players on our roster that may be better.

  5. This probably ended any Mike Leach bargaining chips. It probably also ended the mention, at least for a few years, of his name in every dumb coaching search article. Sign the extension Mike, be happy in Lubbock, give us a few more 10-14 win seasons, and solidify your position as coach/captain for life. I know many people are unhappy with Mike Leach right now, but we have the best coach for our school and the stability that our program has achieved under him is more than we have been able to attain at any period in the past.

  6. This loss may have left such a sour taste in Crabtree's mouth that the competitor in him will be driven to come back for his junior season at Tech. There's a lot of money to be made in the pros, but there isn't a worry of a rookie salary cap any longer as Roger Goodell, the NFL Commisioner, made a statement to the point that the earliest a rookie salary cap could be in place is in 2011 and that would be up to the CBA.

  7. That is the last Cotton Bowl that has to be played in the Cotton Bowl stadium. That place is a dump, even after renovations.

  8. Running Backs. Oh my god, running backs. On the roster next year (and hopefully healthy) will be Baron Batch, Harrison Jeffers, and the bruiser Aaron Crawford. This is a talented stable of backs and it will certainly ease the transition for Taylor Potts or Seth Doege or whomever wins the starting job next season.

I've started to grasp at straws so I think that it's time to end this listing. No negative nancies in the comments, I only want people who are looking on the brighter side of life. You'll have your chance to join me on the dark side tomorrow or whenever I get around to it.