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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - We Had A Chance Edition

DTN's Top Three:

  1. Rock M Nation's The Boy with the Final '+' Rankings for college football.
  2. More good stuff. Dr. Saturday on correlating rated recruits and becoming an All-American.
  3. ESPN's Tim Griffin with more on the Big 12 and the Super Bowl, this time the 1980's.

Red Raiders Lose to Aggies

I followed this game on game-tracker since I didn't have ESPNU, although I could swear that I've gotten games like this before on a local channel in the DFW.

Anyway, the Red Raiders lose to Texas A&M 70-79 (boxscore). Since I didn't see the game, I'm going to make some assumptions about the game:

  • The Rotation: Pat Knight is really tightening up his rotation as the only bench player that saw more than 10 minutes was Nick Okorie, who had 12.
  • The Starters: It appears that John Roberson, Alan Voskuil, Michael Prince, Robert Lewandowski and Damir Suljagic all got the start and each of them played at least 28 minutes, while John Roberson played all 40 minutes.
  • John Roberson: A tremendous game -- 20 points, 13 assists, and only 2 turnovers. That is one hell of a game.
  • Big Lew: Robert Lewandowski went 10-15 from the floor, scored 20 points and grabbed 4 boards. This guy is ready for Big 12 play and he's going to win a game for Texas Tech very soon.
  • Singletary and Roberts: Mike Singletary and D'Walyn Roberts played 13 minutes combined, had 1 shot and 1 rebound. I'm not sure what either of these two guys have done to deserve to be in the Pat Knight Doghouse, or if this was a situation where PK needed to player bigger players in order to matchup with the Aggies.
  • Assists/Turnovers:  Only 7 turnovers and 18 assists for the team.
  • The Bench: Texas Tech's bench (Craig, Roberts, Okorie, Cohadarevic, Singletary, and Rizvic) played 35 minutes and had 1 point and 5 rebounds.

Apparently, the LAJ did not send a reporter to cover the game as the AP's Kristie Rieken has her game story and the only other non-AP story is from SAEN's Brent Zwerneman. The only quotes I could find are from Pat Knight.

PK on TAMU's B.J. Holmes:

"After he hit his shots we stuck with him," Tech coach Pat Knight said. "You can’t stop them all and Carter’s been such a go-to guy for them, we went after him first. Then Holmes stepped up for them and we kind of changed our philosophy."

And PK on the team just not being able to make plays down the stretch:

"We had a chance to get this one," Knight said. "We just didn’t make the plays in the end."