Just watched the senior bowl

I just watched the senior bowl and with the miserable commentators, miserable sideline reporting, no blitzing and terrible route running that game is just about unwatchable. Anyway I, like y'all tuned in to see how our boy Graham would do.  I thought he'd be a little better and I am really not worried about his arm strength like those absolute horrible commentators were saying, but what I am worried about is where he puts the ball.  With those little in routes and out routes that Leach runs that are just designed to get 5-7 yards that the quarterback are supposed to put at the receivers right knee or left hip etc where the receiver just catches it and falls down or slides to catch it, (which Graham was unreal at by the way).  I think that will be his weak spot, he can learn to throw from under center, he just needs to get into the habit of throwing to shoulders and face masks.  Does that make sense or am I just crazy with thinking Leach had Graham throw to receivers where no one else but the receivers could catch the ball?

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