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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - We Can Get It Done Edition

DTN's Top Five:

  1. ESPN Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin with Dave Campbell's All-Texas Team.
  2. Interesting read from Rafeal Vela of Blogging the Boys on the importance of a blue-chip safety.
  3. BOTC's weekly Big 12 Outlook.
  4. LAJ's Jeff Walker with his Big 12 Extra (pdf).
  5. Ridiculous Upside on former Red Raider Kasib Powell back in the NBDL with Sioux Falls.

Ticket Prices Going Up

Per a school press release, the football ticket prices are going up and according to LAJ's Don Williams, there are some not-so-happy-campers about the increase. I'm not sure where I stand on the issue, although I do think the mandatory contribution to the Red Raider Club seems like something that Jerry Jones would do, although I'm sure that other schools require this and that Texas Tech is merely catching up with the times. I'll put a poll at the bottom of this morning's notes to gauge your feelings about the increase in ticket prices and I'm curious if you intend on dropping them.

Texas Tech vs. Baylor - Battle in Dallas

LAJ's Don Williams reports that there's a good chance the Texas Tech vs. Baylor game will be moved to Dallas, possibly next year. Here's AD Gerald Myers:

"I think it will happen,’’ Myers said. "We’ll be in more talks the next few weeks. There’s a good possibility that it will be moved.’’

Harrell and Bomar - Changing Perceptions

DMN's Calvin Watkins with an interesting piece on how both Texas Tech's Graham Harrell and Sam Houston's Rhett Bomar are battling perceptions as they practice for the Senior Bowl. NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock had this to say about Harrell:

"It's very real, and it works against him," NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said of Harrell. "There's not a Texas Tech quarterback that's ever come out with huge numbers and made it at any level in the NFL. There are people that are saying he's a system quarterback, so this is an important week for him."

I couldn't find any other updates from yesterday.

Pat Knight Emulating Rick Barnes

FWST's Mike Jones writes this morning that Pat Knight is trying to emulate Rick Barnes' UT program. Here's Junior Knight:

"His program is the one I’m trying to emulate since I took over," Knight said. "I’m trying to do a better job of recruiting, to get this program someday to compete with his."

Jones also mentions the issue regarding the relative lack of talent at Texas Tech under Bob Knight:

There are signs Pat might be able to attract more quality than the Raiders had while his dad ruled the court. Tech had some really, really good players during the elder’s time in power — players such as Andre Emmett, Jarrius Jackson and Ronald Ross — just not enough of them at one time.

Worship or despise him, the fact was a certain percentage of kids just found no attraction to King Bob. Neither did I, but that’s another story.

Previewing the Tigers

DT's Alex Ybarra previews Saturday's game against Missouri and junior guard Nick Okorie had this to say about Mizzou:

"They pressure pretty hard, and they're a fast-paced team," he said. "But when people pressure it's easy to get them out of the flow just by passing hard and getting them out of position, giving us position where we can make layups and get wide open shots. When they're pressuring hard, they're gambling. When you gamble, you tend to make mistakes if the other team is being patient."

Sophomore forward Mike Singletary is confident the Red Raiders can get this win on the road:

"We haven't gotten a win on the road this year yet, but we feel like this could be the game for us," he said. "We feel like they're a good team, but we're also a good team, and we feel like if we go in there and just play the way we know how to play, we can get it done."