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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - I Got My ____ Kicked Edition

Texas Tech and Baylor in Dallas, Part II

LAJ's Don Williams writes this morning that Baylor acknowledges talking with Texas Tech about morning their annual game to DFW. Here's Baylor associate AD, Nick Joos:

"We haven’t had a lot of opportunities of late to do that,’’ said Nick Joos, Baylor senior associate athletic director for external affairs. "We’ll take a look at anything as long as it could fit into what we’re trying to do from a scheduling standpoint.’’

A Look at the Big 12 in 2009

FWST's Jimmy Burch looks ahead to 2009 and thinks Texas Tech finishes 4th in the Big 12 South next year:

Texas Tech: Waving goodbye to the Harrell-Crabtree connection means saying hello to an 8-4 record, or thereabouts, in 2009.

Recruiting Miles Wade

It appears that the Red Raiders may be in on a premier defensive tackle, Myles Wade from Oregon, per Dirk Knudsen from Wade has battled back from adversity, having to go the JUCO route and his mother being diagnosed and eventually losing her battle with cancer, as well as Oregon dropping interest in Wade, but then along came Texas Tech's Dennis Simmons:

Than in mid December a call came in from Coach Dennis Simmons from Texas Tech. The same Texas Tech that had spent a good part of the season at #2 in the AP poll and who were Cotton Bowl bound. They were interested enough to fly out and do an in home visitation. That went very well and Myles was told there was legitimate interest.

Here's Wade's profile and you'll note that Texas Tech is going up against USC, Auburn, Nebraska and I guess Oregon, although according to the story that's no longer accurate. This would be a huge "get" for Texas Tech and hopefully the staff is also focusing on some defensive end help as we close the recruiting process.

Blowout Loss to Texas

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his game-story from yesterday's 71-49 loss to Texas (boxscore).

Before we get too deep, I've got a huge basketball post going up tomorrow morning, taking a look at where the program is, where it's going, and my expectations of the team. It's about as detailed as I know how to get and it's my attempt to feel better about the current situation.

Back to the game.

Here's Pat Knight, and he's obviously frustrated:

"The second half, we couldn’t shoot, we couldn’t pass, we couldn’t guard, we couldn’t rebound, we couldn’t play," Knight said. "We didn’t have one guy who looked like he could play in the Big 12. That’s the bottom line. We’re an awful basketball team. I’m an awful coach right now. This team’s bad right now. There’s no sense analyzing. They kicked our — in the second half, up and down. The players got their — kicked, I got my — kicked. That’s the bottom line.

"There’s no sense sitting here sugarcoating it. We’ve got to work on every aspect of this game. We can’t shoot, we can’t pass, we can’t hit layups, from an offensive standpoint. Defensively, we can’t guard anybody, we’re not in a help position, we can’t block out and rebound. We’re an awful basketball team right now."

And Junior Knight lets the students have it as well:

"I thought (attendance) was great, but now that we get beat they probably won’t come back," Knight said. "We need that for every game. We talk about this after one game. Where have they been? Let’s get them here every game. These guys need it. We need a boost and win or lose, they need to show up all the time, not just one time when it’s Texas. You need to show up when it’s Centenary.

"I’ve been really good about this. I haven’t (complained) about the fans, but I’m tired of students not showing up. I’m going to call it out now. For the fans that show up for the game, they’re great, but why can’t we get students to show up? I watch Texas A&M and it’s full.

"We’re busting our —. I’m doing more stuff media-wise, things to try and generate students for these games and we just get it for one game. It’s not the fans that show up. I love the fans that show up. They are the most loyal fans. I’m calling out the students. They need to show up. … I know they’ll be ——– and complaining, ‘Well, they’re not a very good team.’ It doesn’t matter. You go to Tech, you support your team. I don’t care what sport it is. That’s how I was raised, and that’s how I think it should be."

I've got a full report card coming later this morning, for real.