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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Finally Healthy Edition

Texas Tech and Baylor . . . in Dallas?

LAJ's Don Williams writes that both Texas Tech and Baylor are in discussion on moving their annual game to the Metroplex, starting in 2009. Here's AD Gerald Myers:

"We’ve been talking to Baylor, and they’re interested in moving the game starting in ’09,’’ Tech athletic director Gerald Myers said Friday. "We’re talking about maybe playing a couple of games (in the Metroplex) with the option to play more, but nothing’s official on that yet.’’

Piecing all of this together, Oklahoma State AD, says that the previous interest in Oklahoma State playing Texas Tech in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium has passed:

In an e-mail on Friday, Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder said, "We have certainly been interested in playing a game in the metroplex, especially in the new Dallas Cowboy stadium, and Texas Tech would have been an ideal opponent. We fully understand that Texas Tech may have had more variables to consider and this caused several delays in the decision making process."

Williams and Myers offer this near the end of the article regarding playing in the Cotton Bowl:

And then there’s the matter of which stadium. As was the case when Tech and Oklahoma State were discussing a move, Myers has not committed to either the Cowboys’ stadium or the Cotton Bowl. He said the Cotton Bowl would provide a travel allowance of $125,000 that would cover the team’s expenses.

That’s a perk the Cowboys don’t offer.

"You wouldn’t get any travel (to play at the Cowboys’ stadium),’’ Myers said. "The financial arrangement’s different. You have suites and club seats and things like that at the Cowboys’ stadium. At the Cotton Bowl, you don’t have that, but they would give you a travel allowance.’’

Any question that Oklahoma State wanted to play in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, while Myers wanted to play in the Cotton Bowl?

I've gone back and forth on a game in DFW. At first I was completely for it, and now I think I might against it, for the simple reason that I hate taking away a home game, when there are so few home games to the schedule. And honestly, I could see how you might be on either side of the argument so I'm absolutely no help at all.

Michael Crabtree At The Top

Michael Crabtree is at the top of the draft board for

Neglected Video

Taking Time Off

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes that Texas Tech hopes that this time off during the week helps the team. Junior Knight felt that it's bee a good week:

"I don’t know (if it’s been good). We took a couple days off so we were able to go out and recruit so that was good," Knight said. "Since we’ve had guys injured lately, guys in and out, we’re finally healthy. I finally have everybody on the roster ready to play, so I think those two days helped and having a week instead of having to play Wednesday, I think that did help us. "From a standpoint of energy level and everything, we’ll see (Saturday). I’m glad it’s not a night game. Playing at 3 (p.m.) should help things a little, too."

Pat Knight is concerned about losing the rebounding battle:

"Rebounding is going to be huge. (Texas) really goes to the offensive boards and they beat you on the offensive boards," Knight said. "They got 17 offensive rebounds against Oklahoma and you’re talking about going up against the Griffin brothers (Blake and Taylor), so we really worked on our blockout. Now, will it show (today), I have no idea, but we really worked on blocking out and our rebounding. And of course, we’ve got to continue working on our defense."

Don't Forget Hoop-Fest

That's right, don't forget to go early, have a few beers, and get "right" for the game. Official press release.

Rick Barnes Still Tinkering With Lineup

FWST's Mike Jones writes this morning that Rick Barnes is not done tinkering with his starting lineup and this might be something to watch this afternoon:

It’s obvious that point guard remains a big problem. Teams don’t guard Justin Mason on the perimeter, and handling the point has robbed the Longhorns of Mason’s board-crashing, get-back-on-defense strengths. It’s obvious senior forward Connor Atchley isn’t getting it done for some reason.

It’s also obvious that guard A.J. Abrams and emerging forward Gary Johnson are the only players giving Barnes what he’s looking for every game.