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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - I Could Do Better At Tech Edition

DTN's Top Four:

  1. ESPN Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin on Big 12 TV numbers.
  2. Javorskie Lane weighed in at 295 at Shrine Bowl practices (hat-tip EDSBS).
  3. Bob Knight lets you know good players are good.
  4. Jodie Meeks scores 54 (in only 22 shots) in Kentucky's win over Tennessee.
Mr. Crabtree, keepin it real.

Mr. Crabtree has made it official. I knew the announcement was coming, but that doesn't make it any less painful. I like to listen to this song and reminisce . . . be my sunshine after the rain, Michael.

Anyway, I'm not sure how you put someone like Michael Crabtree in historical perspective. He is unprecedented. He is one of a kind at Texas Tech, perhaps in college football. I don't think I could do Mr. Crabtree's career justice. ESPN's Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin, DMN's Brandon George (with video), FWST's Dwain Price and LAJ's Jaime Aron (I think he actually works for the DMN) and DT's Adam Coleman have stories on Crabtree and Brandon Williams leaving, who both announced together. Perhaps the most interesting is from Coleman's story with quotes from Mike Leach on Crabtree's and Williams' decisions to leave early:

"Michael Crabtree has the opportunity to get drafted relatively high," he said. "That's a little bit of a different consideration. I think Brandon would've been served better to have another year, especially (with) the physical nature of the position he plays.

"Michael really could've gone either way, and Brandon I think should've stayed in college. I think he's hurting his chances by leaving early."


"I think it's important you get the degree, but generally speaking, it's not a wise decision to leave early," he said. "The most important thing for a guy that goes to the NFL is people who make it, stay there. I think your chances are better if you stay in college the whole time."

Understanding both players' decisions to leave, Leach said he is grateful to have coached them.

"We enjoyed the time coaching them and wish them the best in the future," Leach said. "I hope the best for them."

Thinking about Lane, don't forget that Darcel McBath and Louis Vasquez are supposed to be playing in the East-West Shrine Game (pdf), and for those of you in the Houston area, the game is this Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 3:00 p.m., television on ESPN2. I would caution you that it appears that McBath may have left due to his hamstring injury. If you're really into the NFL draft and these senior all-star games then Draft Daddy and DraftGuys are two of the best sites out there.

It appears that cornerback Pete Richardson has officially transferred to Harding University (Harding University website). I wish you luck Pete.

Burried at the bottom of a notebook from the Austin American Statesman on Crabtree and Williams leaving for the NFL was this note about New Mexico State receiver LaVorick Williams transferring to Texas Tech. Here's Williams profile from the New Mexico State football website and you'll note that he's originally from Odessa and initially signed on with Texas Tech as a sprinter, but I guess ended up with NMSU to play football. Williams apparently wants to get back to running track at Texas Tech, but my question is can he play cornerback or safety?

LAJ's Don Williams, from the Zach Duncan's Times Record News article on Eric Ward committing to Texas Tech rather than OU. Just wanted to put on the front page some of Ward's comments regarding his decision to switch commitments, and remember, there's no chance of losing Ward as he has already enrolled in classes this semester. That's right, he's at Texas Tech taking classes.

"I felt like I could do better at Tech," said Ward, who was named the Times Record News’ Large School Red River 22 MVP in 2008. "I just wanted what was best for me. I’m happy with my decision, and I hope people will support me with my decision."


"I feel like I’m at Rider still," he said. "I’m going to strive to be better than (Michael) Crabtree."


"I want a degree," said Ward, who plans on majoring in criminal justice and sociology. "Football is not going to last forever."