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Brandon Williams Leaves . . . Now What?

So defensive end Brandon Williams decides to declare for the NFL draft and the next thought is where does this leave Texas Tech?

Class designations are for next year (i.e. Whitlock was a sophomore this year and will be a junior next year).

End Nose Tackle Tackle Rush End
Daniel Howard;
6-3/238; SR
Colby Whitlock;
6-2/285; JR
Rajon Henley;
6-3/266; SR
McKinner Dixon;
6-3/250; SR
Sandy Riley;
6-0;237; SR
Chris Perry;
6-3/308; SO
Richard Jones;
6-1/272; SR
Brandon Sesay;
6-6/279; SR
Brandon Sharpe;
6-3/244; SR
Clint Stoffels;
6-0/254; JR
Britton Barbee;
6-2/282; JR
Ryan Haliburton;
6-4/242; RS FR
Kerry Hyder;
6-2/246; FR
Romario Cathey;
6-3/275; FR
- Trevor Reilly;
6-6/220; FR

Obviously, it would have been a lot cooler had Brandon Williams decided to stay. I think of all of the part-time players from last year (Howard, Riley and Sharpe) Howard has the best motor and best ability of that group. Perhaps that's just me and I could certainly be proven wrong going forward. In fact, I think I might have wanted Howard to start over Jake Ratliff.

Keep in mind that David Neill was moved from the defensive line to offensive line (I still say this was a mistake) and it would make me happy to see Neill switch back considering the overall lack of depth at defensive end and defensive tackle, especially after this year. There's going to be a ton of attrition along the defensive line next year and Ruffin McNeill is going to need every man available.

I wonder too if Omar Castillo would be willing to move to the defensive side of the ball, although dedfischer mentioned that he recently practiced at tight end during the December practices and would guess that he has the requisite athleticism to play tackle or defensive end.

Again, in 2010, we're going to need every man available.