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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Plus School Edition

Thanks for all of the feedback on the DTN open thread and keep the suggestions coming. I really am all ears on this and I appreciate the good thoughts.

DTN's Top Five:

  1. This is awesome. Chris from Smart Football has a link-dump of all things Airraid offense. Bookmark that page.
  2. Final Blogpoll has Texas Tech checking in at #11 and Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton and EDSBS' Orson Swindle make Texas Tech's case that #11 is too low.
  3. Barking Carnival with a good look at the Big 12 South for 2009.
  4. Rush The Court checks in on the Big 12.
  5. Want to know what the Fulmer Cup is? Here's your answer.
Brandon Williams and Brandon Carter
get their celebration-on after beating UT

I didn't turn the computer on at all last night and if I had, I would have been gut-punched as we found out that per the LAJ's Don Williams, junior defensive end Brandon Williams has decided to declare for the NFL draft. Thanks to Thundarr for the FanPost.

Here's Williams on why he's leaving early for the NFL:

"Me and my parents thought about it hard," Williams said. "We just figured it was the best decision to make at this time."


"That’s the whole point of playing football is to go to the next level," he said. "That was really my first thought, and plus school."

I whole-heartedly support Crabtree's decision to make the jump to the NFL. The college experience is supposed to get you ready for your next stop in life and Crabtree could potentially lose millions if he got hurt. He might be able to make more money if he stays, but it's probably not enough to delay the start to his professional career. B. Williams on the other hand is a different story. I voted for him as my defensive MVP (see the poll to the left) because I think his presence was vital to the success of the team this year, but I'm surprised that he thinks that a 3rd round grade is enough for him to come out early. I'm just not sure if he's ready.

I hope Brandon Williams proves me wrong and has immediate succeeds in the NFL.

DT's Alex Ybarra has an excellent article on sophomore quarterback Taylor Potts and his cannon arm. Here's Potts on who Captain Mike Leach will choose:

"The job is gonna go to the best person," he said. "Coach isn't dumb. He's gonna play who deserves it and who is the better quarterback. He doesn't wanna settle for mediocrity or somebody that's not gonna perform what this team needs as a quarterback, to get us to 12 wins. I do have an edge, I've played, but at the same time, he's gonna play the best."

And Potts understands that he's got to take a little off the ball when throwing touch passes:

"I think I can throw harder than Graham, and then in some places that it's needed, a lot of times a touch pass, throwing the ball perfect right on the money, I can definitely do that," Potts said. "In some cases, a strong ball that will fit into a tight corner or a tight spot is really needed. I think I can do that, and I think my arm is strong enough to do those."

Good stuff, go read the whole thing.

DT's Alex Ybarra has more on Tyree Graham leaving the team to go back home and assistant coach Stew Robinson said that they staff was surprised:

"We talked to him and tried to make sure that he thought it through and that that was something that he should and wanted to do," Robinson said. "We told him we would help him in any way that we could. Basically, it was a really big surprise."

And as a result of Graham leaving, Michael Prince could see quite a bit more time, which is fine by me:

"What we have to do, we've been starting three guards a lot this year," Robinson said. "We may start two guards. What hurt us down the stretch after the first eight games was Mike Prince getting hurt and Michael Prince is back. He can play anywhere from the two to three to four for us."