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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - That's All His Deal Edition

Obviously, I did not get the Report Card done for the Baylor game. I may not get to that until tonight, but since the next game isn't for a week against Texas, I figure I've got time.

This weekend I worked on some more football recruiting thoughts and we'll start reviewing each position in great detail in the very near future. We've got quite a bit of time to kill before the spring game and then we'll have an entire summer to kill.

Lots of time.

Note the new poll up to the left. Vote on who you thought was the defensive MVP this year for Texas Tech.

DT's Adam Coleman has a little more on receiver Michael Crabtree leaving early. Here's Captain Mike Leach on the press conference which is to be tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. and Crabtree's decision:

Tech coach Mike Leach said he has no knowledge of Crabtree's news conference, stating "that's all his deal and I don't deal into that."

Leach declined to reveal if he tried to convince Crabtree to stay. He said he did talk to Crabtree after the Cotton Bowl and left the decision to stay or leave for the NFL up to the redshirt sophomore.

"I just told him to make the best decision he can," he said. "I think it strengthens his position by staying in school, but he needs to make his decision."

LAJ's Jeff Walker is confirming that freshman guard Tyree Graham will be leaving the program. Here's Pat Knight:

After expressing his desire to leave, Graham tried to contact the Tech coaches later on Friday, but the team was traveling to Waco. Head coach Pat Knight said on Sunday that the staff will grant Graham his release to go elsewhere.

"I don’t know what happened. He told us he had some things going on at home," Knight said. Knight said he won’t try to change Graham’s mind and instead is spending the next couple days on the road recruiting as the Red Raiders don’t play again until Saturday’s Big 12 home opener against No. 7 Texas.

Again, keep in mind that Graham was a grade risk and fellow teammate Trevor Cook gave up his scholarship so that he could make the team. Again, I'm not mad at Graham, but rather frustrated when Pat Knight bent over backwards to get Graham a scholarship when he didn't qualify until very late.

Again, I'm encouraged to see Pat Knight to have faith in his sophomores and freshman:

I’m playing three sophomores (Roberson, D’walyn Roberts and Singletary) and a freshman (Robert Lewandowski) a lot so they’re just going to keep getting better," Knight said following the loss.

"We just made some bad decisions on passes and (had) some dropped balls and that’s more mental to me than anything else."

DMN's Chuck Carlton has a Big 12 Notebook of sorts, focusing on OU forward Blake Griffin.