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Talkin' Texas Tech Receivers

LAJ's Don Williams discusses possible replacements for Michael Crabtree's Z-receiver position. If you recall, which is not accurate at this point, last April, we took a look at the depth chart after the spring. There's a lot of interesting things in Williams' article in that both Detron Lewis and Tramain Swindall will stay inside, which isn't what I thought would happen. Captain Leach and Williams had this to say about the receiver shake-down:

"I would have to say he’s probably in the top four (returning receivers), somewhere in there,’’ Leach said.

Tech star Mike Crabtree’s father said Friday that Crabtree plans to enter the NFL draft, but Leach said he doesn’t favor moving Lewis or Swindall outside to Crabtree’s spot. Both will stay inside, according to Leach and wide receivers coach Dennis Simmons, and one could take over at "H’’ slot receiver with the departure of senior Eric Morris, a two-year starter.

Leach said he doesn’t know which of the two of Lewis or Swindall would move to "H.’’

"I don’t know if it really matters (which one),’’ he said. "They both play both.’’

Very briefly, this may be a semi-accurate representation of a depth chart, of course assuming that Fisher, Blake and Celestie all sign in February. I should note that Blake is taking the place of Walker in Crabtree's spot simply because Blake is probably one of the more talented recruits coming in this year. I could also see Franks pushing ahead of Leong simply because he may be a more physical receiver, although I really like Leong's ability to catch everything thrown his way.

X Receiver H Receiver Y Receiver Z Receiver
Edward Britton; 6-0/174; SR Tramain Swindall; 6-3/175; SO Detron Lewis; 6-0/209; JR Lyle Leong; 6-1/165; JR
Todd Walker; 6-1/180; SR Adam James; 6-3/217; RS SO Adrian Reese; 6-7/207; SR Jacoby Franks; 6-1/194; SO
Rashad Hawk; 6-4/183; SO Cornelius Douglas; 5-9/180; RS FR Austin Zouzalik; 6-1/175; RS FR Rashad Hawk; 6-4/183; SO
Aaron Fisher; 6-3/175; FR E.J. Celestie; 5-11/173; FR - Emory Blake; 6-1/194; FR

Let me know if I've got something wrong or if you have different thoughts. There will be some more reviews-previews of every position coming sooner rather than later.