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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - We're 1-0 In Effort Edition

Texas Tech lost to the Baylor Bears, 73-61 (boxscore) and it was the LaceDarius Dunn Show in the second half. I watched almost the entire game, probably 3/4's of it and will watch the rest later this morning and hopefully have a report card later today.

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his game story and details Dunn's huge game. Junior Knight is being positive:

"I told the kids after the game that we’re 1-0 in effort and 0-1 in the won-loss (column)," Knight said. "Baylor is just too good to have lapses. I thought we competed really well for 35 minutes and then we just had some bad mistakes there in the last five minutes and they have the guys, two very good guards, that are going to come down and make plays."

Perhaps the most important aspect of this week's events is from Walker's blog, Above the Rim, as freshman guard Tyree Graham isn't sure if he still wants to play:

Texas Tech freshman Tyree Graham wasn’t in Waco on Saturday for the Red Raiders’ game against No. 23 Baylor.

I’m told by a Tech official that Graham told the coaches on Friday that he wanted to leave, but later changed his mind and said he wasn’t sure.

This would be a pretty big loss for Texas Tech as Graham was the lone freshman guard from this past year's recruiting class and you could see that he has talent. Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that junior forward Trevor Cook gave up his scholarship so that Graham could come to Lubbock. Again, I'm frustrated, not mad at Graham, but he's an 18 year-old guy who is away from home for the first time in his life. I certainly hope he sticks around, I think he's going to be a good player if given enough time.