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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Defensive Presence Edition

I am running a little late today, my wireless mouse crapped out on me last night and I had to go buy a new one this morning at Wally-World.

It's been reported everywhere that sophomore receiver Michael Crabtree is turning pro and LAJ's Don Williams and DMN's Brandon George have quotes from Michael's father.

Michael gave me one of the happiest moments of my life here:


And make sure and crank dat:


Press conference is set for Tuesday.

Preview and game day thread to be posted shortly.

Conference play begins today and the Texas Tech Red Raiders travel to Waco to face the Baylor Bears at 12:30 p.m. LAJ's Jeff Walker writes that senior center Esmir Rizvic first game back is today and he hopes have an impact:

"I am excited to come back after all this time," Rizvic said. "After practicing a lot, I’m just happy to come back to try and help the guys out."

And Pat Knight hopes Rizvic is a defensive presence:

"I’m hoping he’s going to be a good defensive player. I’m hoping he’s not going to be another player who’s up and down (because) I’ve got enough of those now," Tech head coach Pat Knight said. "He gives us a defensive presence - he’s especially good from the help side. It will be hard for people to shoot over him. We’ll put him in the middle of our zone so that should help. It’s good to have another big body - I mean, this league is full of them."

This is going to be an interesting game because Baylor's strength is their guards and against TCU I thought the Texas Tech guards struggled to stay in front of their opponent on defense. Junior Knight is concerned too:

"They’ve got three very good guards, the type of guards that we’re trying to get here, that can break you down (off the dribble) and also score," Knight said. "… It’s not like you can back off one of them and force them to shoot or get into them when they shoot. They have three legitimate guards that they play with that are just very good."

DMN's Chuck Carlton previews the Big 12 with notes on every team, mostly covering the Big 12 South. Here's some of Carlton's thoughts on the Red Raiders:

The big picture: The Red Raiders can score. What will determine their Big 12 fate is defense or the lack thereof, which represents the biggest challenge for Knight. Tech has allowed an average of 91.4 points in its five losses.