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Defensive Drive Chart: Texas Tech v. Nevada

The Drive Chart is a look at each and every drive by both the Texas Tech offense and defense. Thoughts, comments and opinions appreciated.


Drive 1: NEVADA 1st T30 12:33 Downs T10 10:31 *FIELD GOAL 5-20 2:02

A bad 4th down call gave Nevada the ball on the Texas Tech 30. The Texas Tech defense allowed one 1st down, but held Nevada on 3rd and 2 for one yard. This was the first in many 3rd down stops for the Texas Tech defense.


Drive 2: NEVADA 1st N40 09:18 Interception N41 07:51 Punt 3-1 1:27

A Harrell interception gave the ball to Nevada on their own 40, but a holding on Nevada put them at 1st and 20 from the start. M. Williams made 2 tackles and the play of the drive, another 3rd down stop, was B. Williams knocking down a Kaepernick pass.

Drive 3: NEVADA 1st N20 07:51 Kickoff N39 04:39 Punt 5-19 3:12

This drive didn't start off so well with two 14 yard completions, and Nevada turned to Lippincott for two plays gaining 9 yards and putting Nevada at a 3rd and 1. A holding penalty pushed the Wolf Pack back to 3rd and 11 and M. Dixon showed off some quickness with a Kaepernick sack for a loss of 8 yards. Texas Tech with another 3rd down stop.

Drive 4: NEVADA 1st N17 02:25 Punt T25 14:55 Missed FG 7-58 2:30

Starting at their own 17, Nevada drove down the field, but once they got to the Texas Tech 30, they were effectively stopped. A Taua rush and a Kaepernick rush, both for 3 yards, left Nevada with a 3rd and 4 where Lippincott was stopped by Victor Hunter for only a yard. Nevada missed the field goal.

Drive 5: NEVADA 2nd N44 13:34 Punt T09 07:24 *FIELD GOAL 12-47 6:10

One of the more impressive drives of the game for Nevada, but it only resulted in a field goal. Starting at their own 44, Nevada pushed their way down the field, including a nice 4th down conversion. Nevada eventually got down to the Texas Tech 10 yard line and the defense held. Bird makes three straight tackles, starting with a Taua rush for 6 yards, the play of the drive, a 10 yard sack on Kaepernick, and then a tackle on a completion to Wellington for 6 yards. Held Nevada to a field goal. Another 3rd down stop and big props goes to Bird on this drive.

Drive 6: NEVADA 2nd N29 05:11 Kickoff T14 03:27 Interception 4-57 1:44

This drive started off poorly as Kaepernick rushed for 40 yards, and then a 9 yard completion. McNeill needed to meet with his boys and get them straight, callss a time out. The very next play, Kaepernick rushes for 8 yards on a 2nd and 1 and it's not looking good. That is until the cat-like quickness of Richard Jones intercepts Kaepernick. How awesome is that.

Drive 7: NEVADA 2nd N28 02:22 Punt N32 01:35 Punt 3-4 0:47

This was Texas Tech's best drive, as Taua rushed for 4 yards (tackle by Bird), and two Kaepernick incompletions led to a blocked punt. I can't remember who got their hand on it, but it was nice.

Drive 8: NEVADA 3rd N04 15:00 Missed FG T26 15:00 *FIELD GOAL 6-70 0:00

In limited time, Nevada drove down the field and the Texas Tech defense yielded a field goal. Not the best effort of the day, but I'd rather give up field goals than touchdowns.

Drive 9: NEVADA 3rd N20 15:00 Kickoff T00 09:37 Fumble 12-80 5:23

This was a nice sustained drives by Nevada that included what we thought was a nice 3rd down stop, but ended up being a holding penalty on Texas Tech prior to the punt. This led to Nevada driving from their own 35 to the Texas Tech 3 yard line. Big chunks of yards on this drive and this was probably where I was at my most nervous. But a huge, and I mean huge fumble by Kaepernick (I can't remember who caused it, but you sir will receive $100 DTN bucks) and D. Charbonnet recovers. This is just huge.

Drive 10: NEVADA 3rd T29 08:33 Downs T14 06:40 *FIELD GOAL 5-15 1:53

This was one of the 4th down miscues by the Texas Tech offense that gave the ball to the Wolf Pack at their own 29. A Kaepernick 13 yard run led to a 2 yard sack by Dixon and Sesay. Kaepernick would throw an incomplete pass and D. Charbonnet got a huge 3rd down tackle, resulting in a Nevada field goal.

Drive 11: NEVADA 3rd N21 05:14 Kickoff T26 00:19 Missed FG 11-53 4:55

Another sustained Nevada drive and it's obvious the Texas Tech defense is getting a little winded. Again, the defense gave up pretty decent size chunks of yards, but once Nevada got inside the Texas Tech 30, the defense held, due largely because of two Kaepernick incomplete passes, but I'll take it. I think B. Williams had a pass deflection here on 3rd down. Nevada would miss the 44 yard field goal.

Drive 12: NEVADA 4th N47 14:21 Interception N47 13:19 Punt 3-0 1:02

A quick 3 and out for Nevada. Nothing to see here.

Drive 13: NEVADA 4th N35 11:25 Kickoff T00 10:30 *TOUCHDOWN 4-65 0:55

This was a punch in the groin, Texas Tech gave up all kinds of short passes, but managed to stave off the deep pass until Kaepernick completed a pass to Mitchell. I think Wall was on coverage, and it was a pretty pass, but still unacceptable, especially this late in the game, when a couple of quick scores could have been devastating and changed the game.

Drive 14: NEVADA 4th N27 06:11 Kickoff T21 02:46 Downs 8-52 3:25

Nevada drives down the field, again with relative ease, but B. Williams had a sack on 2 consecutive plays and the Wolf Pack needed 32 yards for a 1st down. Kaepernick would get 24 of those yards, but not the first down and Wall made up for the deep pass in the previous drive with a nice 4th down coverage.