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Offensive Drive Chart: Texas Tech v. Nevada

The Drive Chart is a look at each and every drive by both the Texas Tech offense and defense.  Thoughts, comments and opinions appreciated.


Drive 1: TT 1st T21 15:00 Kickoff T30 12:33 Downs 4-9 2:27

Perhaps the first bad decision, in what would turn out to be many for Captain Leach. The drive started on the Texas Tech 21, and a Morris completion for 3, a Woods' run for 2 and a Woods' run for 4 yards led to a 4th and 1 by Harrell and he was denied, giving the ball to Nevada at the Red Raiders 30. Luckily, the defense held and only gave up a field goal, but it wasn't smart to give the ball to Nevada so early.


Drive 2: TT 1st T20 10:31 Kickoff T36 09:18 Interception 5-16 1:13

Not starting off too well. Crabtree's first reception for 9 yards and a Woods' run for 12 got an easy first down. Harrell then threw an incompetion to Lewis, a 5 yard penalty (1 of 9 for the day), another incompletion and then an awful interception by Harrell. Two drives and two bad decisions (one by the coach and one by Harrell). Again, the defense forced a Nevada punt in their subsequent drive.

Drive 3: TT 1st N00 07:51 Punt N00 07:51 *TOUCHDOWN 0-0 0:00

This is exactly what this team needed after two stalled drives, an Eric Morris punt return for 86 yards. Yea! Eric Morris.

Drive 4: TT 1st T25 04:39 Punt T44 02:25 Punt 6-19 2:14

Only one positive gain in this 7 play drive and it's nice to see Tramain Swindall make a significant contribution as Harrell and Swindall hooked up for a 24 yard 3rd down completion. After this play, Harrell threw an incomplete pass to Morris, a rush for no gain and a pass broken up, intended for D. Lewis.

Drive 5: TT 2nd T25 14:55 Missed FG T42 13:34 Punt 5-17 1:21

Another inept offensive drive. The drive started nicely with a Morris rush for 6 yards, a Batch run for 12, and a Crabtree catch for 4 yards. Two Harrell incompletions and a Texas Tech penalty, put the Red Raiders at 4th and 11 and LaCour shanked the punt for a net punt of 14 yards.

Drive 6: TT 2nd T32 07:20 Kickoff N00 05:18 *TOUCHDOWN 5-68 2:02

First productive drive of the game came in the 2nd quarter. Harrell went 3-3 for 59 yards, including a 50 yard reception by Crabtree. Of course on the half-empty side of things, the pass to Crabtree wasn't a thing of beauty and Crabtree was tackled at the Nevada 1. Bygones. Woods' punched in the touchdown from 1 yard. I, for one, breathed a sigh of relief after this drive.

Drive 7: TT 2nd T20 03:27 Interception T23 02:22 Punt 3-3 1:05

Nothing to see here. An interception by Richard Jones gave Texas Tech the ball at their own 20, but couldn't do a damn thing, except for a batted ball that ended up complete to Stephen Hamby, who gained 3 yards. LaCour redeemed himself with a 49 yard punt.

Drive 8: TT 2nd N24 01:35 Punt N11 00:53 Missed FG 7-13 0:42

Harrell was 1-5 for 13 yards on this drive after the defense gifted Texas Tech great field position with a blocked punt. Only 1 complete pass to Britton eventually led to a Carona blocked field goal.

Drive 9: TT 3rd T20 09:37 Fumble T29 08:33 Downs 4-9 1:04

I think we're developing a theme here. Harrell was 1-3 on this drive with a 9 yard completion to Crabtree. Another bad decision by Captain Leach to go for it on 4th and 1 from their own 29 and Crawford, not his fault, was stopped for no gain.

Drive 10: TT 3rd N39 06:37 Kickoff N00 05:20 *TOUCHDOWN 6-39 1:17

Daniel Charbonnet recovered a Nevada onside kick that gave Texas Tech pretty good field position. Harrell was 2-5, completing an 11 yard pass to Batch and a 15 yard 3rd down pass to Swindall, his 2nd 3rd down reception of the game. The drive resulted in a beautiful Morris run for a touchdown. Morris' ability always amazes me, he shouldn't be able to do what he does at 5'8"/170.

Drive 11: TT 3rd T26 00:19 Missed FG T28 14:21 Interception 3-2 0:58

I've lost count as to how many bad drives there have been, but this is another one. It starts off nicely with a long completion (underthrown, I think) to Lewis for 27 yards. A holding penalty (Byrnes) and a facemask (Reed), puts the Red Raiders at 1st and 35. Harrell throws an awful interception

Drive 12: TT 4th T07 13:19 Punt N00 11:34 *TOUCHDOWN 4-93 1:45

Perhaps the highlight of this game with a 82 yard reception by Crabtree from an underthrown Harrell pass, he spins our of a Nevada player grabbing for his jersey and races for the touchdown. Thank you Mr. Crabtree, thank you.

Drive 13: TT 4th T16 10:25 Kickoff N00 06:18 *TOUCHDOWN 11-84 4:07

For me, this was the best drive of the game. Texas Tech lined up with 2 tight ends for a large portion of the drive. The drive started off with two incompletions and Swindall coming up with another huge 3rd down catch for 15 yards. What was next was 5 runs in 9 plays that was interesting to watch (the 4 other plays were 4 Harrell incompletions). Batch broke off a 23 yard run, Crawford ran for 2 and 1 yards, while Woods had a 2 yard and 21 yard touchdown run. Best part about this drive was that it ate up 4:22 of the clock.

Drive 14: TT 4th T21 02:46 Downs N45 00:00 End of half 6-34 2:46

Again, two tight end sets with 5 of the 6 plays running plays. The only purpose of this drive was to run out the clock and Batch and Woods did a good job of doing that.