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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - You Have To Keep Focused Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I wanted to highlight a couple of blog items this morning, including an excellent look at Kansas State from Tye at Bring On The Cats. A lot of what you might want to know about KSU is there. Also, of note, KSU safety Gary Chandler was arrested earlier this week, so that's one less defensive back available for Saturday.  I'm working on a Q&A with TB and the other authors at BOTC. TB is done with his part and I've still got some work to do for mine.

Texas Tech Football:

Thank goodness. LAJ's Don Williams writes that Captain Leach used the numerous high profile losses last weekend in college football as a reminder that it can happen to your team. Here's Williams and Leach:

"I think there were very clear examples that you have to keep focused and keep your eye on what you’re doing," Leach said. "We shouldn’t be blind to that. I hope we’re not."

Leach's mantra as a head coach is pretty simple and it's been his mantra since the Insight Bowl comeback, which is "Do Your Job."  But the interesting thing is that you'll start to notice that players are starting to repeat this mantra or similar sayings.

Meanwhile, right guard Brandon Carter said that the team kept its focus during the off week:

"I think we did a great job of keeping our focus and not wasting any days or any reps," offensive guard Brandon Carter said. "It was hard not playing on Saturday, watching all the games, but I think we’ll come out more excited this week after not playing last week and be ready to roll."

Also check out Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook.

FWST's Dwain Price checks in on the Red Raiders asks them about a bunch of different things, including what Ruffin McNeill bought at the store on Saturday to watch football, Texas Tech's rise in the rankings, what McNeill thinks about KSU quarterback Josh Freeman, etc. Price also informs us that cornerback L.A. Reed is close to full strength:

"He’s back and getting reps every day and he’ll be back in the fold," Ruffin McNeill said. "He’s really back almost to full speed.

"He was trying to come back, but it just wasn’t right, because he wasn’t full speed, and if you’re not at full speed you’ll get hurt out there. But he’s worked as hard as anybody I’ve ever been around in coaching."

I wonder how much time that Reed will get with Kansas State's smallish receivers, this will be an interesting move for McNeill this week.

Neglected Video: DT's Katie Yingling on the team not focusing on the rankings . . . Fox34 on the improved defensive line helping the linebackers (Bront Bird really does look like a pirate with his red bandana) . . . Fox34 on the improved run game as a reason why Texas Tech is 4-0 . . . KAMC 28 Open Mike Night with Captain Leach on the Angles v. Red Sox, on his previous weather report . . .