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Donald Draper Motivating Moment of the Week: Kansas State

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Donald Draper is a television character in the wonderful series Mad Men. Mr. Draper is an advertising agent in 1960, but he's more than that. He sells ideas and what better way to sell you, the Texas Tech fan, than to hear from the absolute best. This is your Donald Draper Motivating Moment of the Week:

The Jesus Speech.

If there's anything that I believe it's that Captain Leach is buying what Don Draper is selling. He's tried it one way and although there are many out there that think that Captain Leach is still set in his ways, you're wrong. 

He's not.

We're not interested in that.

What we are interested is in things changing.

If you don't believe then thank you for your time. 

Granted, it's going to take a little bit longer than overnight, but we're committed to change and committed to excellence.

From the improved running game to switching coordinators in the middle of the freaking season, Captain Leach is not wasting time any more. We've tried it the old way, but it's different this year, we're no longer satisfied with #4 in the Big 12. Those days are gone.

Don't be a non-believer.