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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - It’s Hard To Make Anybody Special Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Finally, we've got a new poll (to your left and down a little). Right now, Kansas State is getting 7 points. Texas Tech is a 7 point favorite going against Kansas State this weekend and I'm not sure that Texas Tech gets a 7 point win.


As far as the schedule is concerned, which should be the same throughout the conference, will be as follows:

  • Tuesday: A look at the numbers between K-State and Texas Tech;
  • Wednesday: 5 Reasons Texas Tech Will Win;
  • Thursday: 5 Reasons Texas Tech Will Lose; and
  • Friday: Prediction Time.

I also hope to do a Q & A session with Bring On The Cats this week as well as any other school with blog representation as the season continues.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams asks the players and the staff what they think about Texas Tech high ranking in the various polls, and as expected, no one pays attention to them.

Leach said after Sunday’s practice that he paid no attention to, nor cared about the polls. Asked whether he thought he had the seventh- or eighth-best team, Leach said, "I don’t think about that either. I just think about can we improve and are we getting better?’’

Williams asked Leach if he felt that having a highly ranked team would motivate Kansas State:

"Probably it doesn’t,’’ Leach said. "And the reason I would say that is in this conference every year at least half the teams you play have some kind of distinction. It’s hard to make anybody special.’’

Williams also notes at the end of the above-linked story that walk-on kicker Matt Williams will be sitting out this year and won't kick at all:

"He’s got to sit a year, but he’s out there working out,’’ Leach said. "He’s looked good.’’

DMN's Brandon George handicaps the major awaards, including the Heisman, Doak Walker and Davey O'Brien. Graham Harrell checks in on the O'Brien at #5.

ESPN's Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin takes a look at the Big 12 teams in the AP and USA Today polls. I thought this was a pretty interesting note:

It marked the 10th time the Big 12 has had six teams in the AP top 25 poll and the ninth time placing six teams in the coaches' rankings. It's the first time the Big 12 has had six teams in the coaches' poll since Sept. 7, 2003, and the first time with six teams in the media poll since Sept. 17, 2002.

I'm completely fascinated as to how all of this will pan out. The Big 12 gets somewhat of a pass this week because there's been no conference play yet. Next week, the same type of carnage that we saw in the Big Ten, the SEC, and the Pac-10 could happen to the Big 12.

And for those of you who are curious, the Harris Interactive Poll was released yesterday as well (pdf) with Texas Tech at #8.