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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - DTN Is Mobilized Edition

Double-T Nation News:

As I mentioned last night, Double-T Nation is going mobile, which means that you'll be able to take DTN everywhere. The tremendous tech guys for SB Nation have mobilized every SBN website and web address for each blog will be "". Thus, DTN's address is

Texas Tech Hockey:

Hopefully everyone knows that the "BOOOO!" from yesterday was intended for the Lubbock City Counsel and not for the Texas Tech Hockey Club.  Although I don't have the time to write about the Texas Tech Hockey Club, I would encourage any of the players to post a FanPost about upcoming games or a recap.  DTN is here for you.

In any event, there appears to be a couple of new updates. KCBD11 posted a story at 9:40 p.m. about how this may be the Hockey Club' last game and that there is a town hall meeting scheduled for 4:00 p.m. on Monday.

At 2:48 a.m. this morning, the LAJ's Eric Finley posted a story that seems to make it clear that the Texas Tech Hockey Club is going to pay on an event-by-event basis. Here's the head coach Paul Fioroni:

"Really, that's how the contract worked anyway," said Fioroni, referring to the dollar amounts involved. "We'll do that until we can sit down with the council again and see if there's a way to work this out."

So it sounds like things have been ironed out a bit, but the meeting is still being held on Monday.

I still don't understand the City Council's reasoning, which is that they were $1,500.00 in the red after last year, which is fine, but why wouldn't they prorate that $1,500.00 out over the course of the lease agreement term so that they're not out the $1,500.00 so that the City doesn't lose money? If losing money, all $1,500.00 worth, was the main concern in terminating the lease, then why not just increase the rent?  Why was their only option to completely terminate the lease? Someone a lot smarter than me will have to explain this to me.

Texas Tech Football:

There's only one neglected video that even relates to Texas Tech football news this morning. So, this is all you get, a neglected Fox34 story on the play of the defense in non-conference play.