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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - I Don't Have Any Hair Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Here are your leaders for the Double-T Nation Yahoo! College Football Pick'Em League:

1 Texas Tech = BCS Title?? 55 45
2 NorCal Andro 50 43
2 Opposite of Lou Holtz's Picks 47 43
4 Red Raider Raid Haters 51 42
4 Scholar13 51 42

Make sure and submit your picks -- I'm failing.

DTN's Top Six:

  1. Burnt Orange Nations's Big 12 Football Report for this week.
  2. Beergut and I Am The 12th Man ranks the Big 12.
  3. Hee Hee.
  4. FWST's Jimmy Burch rounds up the Big 12.
  5. You thought fans today were bad, check out the exceprts from the 1908 Cubs v. Giants World Series.
  6. Former Nebraska running back Thunder Collins is charged with murder and Dr. Saturday sums up my feelings.

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but the wife was out of town last night and I watched an entire episode of the new Knight Rider.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams focuses this morning on receiver Tramain Swindall and his emergence this season. Swindall says that he's been inconsistent:

"Actually, it’s pretty inconsistent," he said of his level of play. "I’ve been up and down with my technique and different stuff, but I’ve made some good plays also, so I think that’s kind of helped my confidence a little bit."

Williams focuses on the big 3rd down conversions from Swindall, which we've talked about before on DTN:

Maybe the numbers didn’t jump off the page, but each one of the catches mattered. All three converted third-and-long situations, one from the Tech 22-yard line, one from the Nevada 28 and one from the Tech 16.

"I was pretty confident about that, to be a go-to guy on third down," Swindall said. "I would say Nevada’s probably the best game I’ve had so far. It was also big because it was on the road, so that made it even more special."

DT's Alex Ybarra looks at the play of linebacker Bront Bird in his first season as a starter. Ruffin McNeill is a fan of Bird's flowing locks:

"I like it," McNeill said of the sophomore's long blonde locks. "I'm a baby boomer. I'm a 60s, 70s kid, so it doesn't bother me. I don't have any hair, so I like seeing somebody with hair."

And Captain Leach says that Bird's best days are in front of him:

"He's real rangy," Tech coach Mike Leach said. "He's made a lot of plays. He's getting more and more kind of disciplined. I think that he's gonna be really good. His best days are ahead of him."